Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I've always loved board games - even into my adult years, although I haven't really had a chance to play any lately. Growing up we would play Sorry, Parchese, Kismet, and Family Feud. Some of my current favorites are Scrabble, Pictionary, Cranium, Catch Phrase. I feel like there's always a new game that comes out that catches my eye around Christmas time.

Presently, we don't have a coffee table or ottoman in the living room. Due to space and little noggin constraints, we just decided to nix it for the time being. So if we were to play a game it would have to be on the floor which is not too comfy, at the dining room table, or at the breakfast bar between the dining room and kitchen.

I love the idea of a space that could multi-task to be a game area, reading area, and entertaining space. And part of the inspiration for the space below came from Cathy's client's sunroom that she posted about last week. I thought it would be heavenly to have a light-filled space with a cozy set-up that would be fun for the family to play games, or for Mom to read and drink her wine or coffee, or even just to hang with friends.

Here is my interpretation of a game room:
I know this doesn't scream game room, but it evolved into a vibrant space where family and friends could all enjoy. I like the idea of having four comfy chairs surround a table for playing games, conversing, or reading/hanging out. Much of the room would be windows so there would really only be one wall to display artwork or to have a sideboard for coffee, drinks, or snacks. You know refreshments are the other important aspect of game playing and there must be ample space to place the snacks and drinks, so I'd probably need to add in some side tables as well. 

Here are my sources:
Top row: Home Sweet Home print-Etsy seller One Canoe Two; Wire dome pendant-Terrain; Philadelphia print-Etsy seller Albie Designs

Middle row: Throw-Terrain; Chair-Crate&Barrel; Pillow-Etsy seller kyoozi; Round table-Horchow; Chevron mugs-Etsy seller Jill Rosenwald; Rug-West Elm

Bottom row: Cranium Wow and Pictionary both by Hasbro; Credenza-West Elm

What is your favorite board game? What would your game room look like or what would be some must haves?


  1. Great board, Holly. I love C&B chairs - they look very comfy and that gorgeous Horchow table. I like the idea of the round coffee/game table as it is perfect for an intimate gathering. Love board games so any space dedicated to that is a winner.

  2. Scrabble, Pictionary & Catch Phrase are my favs, too! I would be happy playing anything in your stylish, upbeat inspiration room! Great coffee table!

  3. Creative and comfy room! The light is awesome. I'm a weirdo and don't really enjoy playing games. I make sacrifices though and play the occasional hand of Uno or Chicken Foot.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Holly!!! I really love what you pulled together, it's bright and happy and perfect for games and sharing time together. A game suggestion....my current favorite....Bananagrams! A fun, fast, flexible word game!


  5. I really like the idea of a low, round table with chairs surrounding. That would be perfect for games. We usually play at the dining room table, but it can be too large to reach a board sometimes. I love games too...some favorites right now are Apples to Apples, Blokus and Rumikub.

  6. Gorgeous space. It looks like a space that anyone would feel comfortable hanging out in, which is exactly what a game room should be, no? :)

  7. I totally grew up playing board games. Sorry and Clue were my favorites, but we played others too. We also played a lot of cards... in fact, my parents and grandparents had card tables. Literally square tables for playing cards that folded down and got stored in the closet until the next game!

    I like the idea of your multi-tasking space, and it's the wine I'm envisioning ;-)

  8. Have you played Apples to Apples? That is my new favorite board game. Although it is not actually a board game at all. But it's really fun!

  9. Lovely board, Holly! I love those pillows and that credenza is major!