Thursday, November 3, 2011

High and Low and In Between

Yesterday I posted about some homework that I did after my first fabrics class. While I really love to browse the higher end fabrics, in reality, most of the time the client is going to be on some sort of budget. Each client, each household is completely different. Some clients may want to splurge on fabrics, but some of us might want the look for less and that's where some consumer-friendly and wallet-friendly fabric sources come into play.

Some of you had some really great suggestions on sites you like to use for fabric, so I thought I would highlight a few.

I've used a few times for fabric. There are a ton of fabric choices on this website and the prices are very reasonable. I bought the fabric for the curtains in my daughter's room on and was very pleased with it. I also feel like they add new fabric to their site every day, so it's worth it to keep checking back to see what their inventory is like. They also have a glossary, yardage guide, and care instructions tab which are all nice. I've been a wee bit obsessed with this fabric below - would love to use it in a young girl's room.

Calico Corners is another great option and their website is really easy to navigate and browse. They offer a nice variety of fabrics. You can search easily by color, pattern, type, or collection. This fabric below is listed for $24.99/yard. I love the stripe as it could work for a lot of different proejcts. If you sign up on the Calico Corners website, they will send you special discount and coupon opportunities every so often.

Stout fabric was a suggestion made by Cathy. I did a little browsing on their site as I hadn't ever been to this site before, and believe it or not I think their headquarters is not far from where I grew up.  Anyway, I really loved this fabric below. This site shows you how much fabric is still available to purchase, although it does appear as though you need to be registered with them to purchase.

This grey linen geometric fabric also caught my eye.

I also occasionally stop into our local Joann Fabric store. They have Annie Selke, Robert Allen, Waverly, and other fabric samples that you can order in larger quantities. And just a heads up, they are having a 50% off sale online right now - what a deal! (I might need to order a few things) I love love love this Annie Selke fabric. 
Joann Fabric

This was a quick round-up of some fabric sources that can be more accessible. Kirsten actually did a great post on her favorite online fabric sites that is worth a read as well.

Now I'm going to go figure out what I might want to order from Joann.

Have you purchased any fabric recently for a project or have any purchases in mind for a future project?


  1. Holly...I thought I was a follower and just realized I am not! I always appreciate your comments. There are so many sites to buy fabric now...even cheaper than I can get them at trade prices!!!

  2. I agree with Sherry on both of her comments for sure! Glad you liked the Stout site, I believe you do have to purchase through a designer...


  3. Fabric is my absolute obsession. They're all beautiful choices.

  4. Thanks for sharing the sources, Holly! The first pattern is great, love all that color, it's fun & bright, but not overly cute! Our Joann's has a great selection too!

  5. Holly!!! Thank you so much for all your comments on mom and dad's bedroom! You are seriously so nice, thank you for always taking the time to read my posts and give such thoughtful responses!! (And just got your email - what a great etsy shop, thank you for the rec! Hmm, I see some pillows I wouldn't mind having!!) I totally agree about adding some floral print (either on the bench pillows or the bed throw pillows) and I don't think Dad will mind;) Other than that I wasn't sure what else to do. I like the idea of adding a trim to those white drapes, if she decides to keep them. They definitely need some art up on the walls too. Thank you!!!

    Loving these fabric posts! This is unchartered territory for me and it seems so interesting, but so daunting. That's so cool that you had a whole class about it, I would love to go to something like that. Thank you for sharing these websites, designers, etc...this is so helpful. Too funny, I was visiting my aunt today (while I was there I took some pics of her place to blog about too - ha!) and she has some custom drapes in her dining room made out of something very similar to that first floral/paisley print you posted from I said to her how much I loved it and how versatile it was and I could totally see it in a little girl's room!!! It's so generous of you to share all this knowledge you are gaining from your classes and homework with us, thank you!!

    Have a great Friday and weekend!!

  6. What... 50% off? I better make a trip to Joann's to check it out! Love your fabric choices. xo

  7. Love the fabric you bought for your daughters room! Looks great!

  8. Thank-you for all your lovely comments :) I am jealous you are taking a fabrics class, I have a "thing" for fabrics!