Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Last Furniture Class and Brainstorming - Part 1

Tonight was my last furniture class. Another class with tons and tons of info and it was awesome. Mind racing, so I'll try to break it down briefly here.

We finished up discussing the Victorian period and briefly touched on a few design details of the Victorian period. Picture rail moulding and the tete-a-tete were two items that sparked my interest. The picture rail was a thin piece of moulding about a foot below the ceiling where the homeowner could hang their artwork. There is a post from 2007 on Apartment Therapy where a homeowner posed a question about picture rail moulding. Below is a living room designed by Sheila Bridges that uses picture rail moulding to hang the artwork. Do you see the thin piece of metal that is used to hang the artwork? And check out that ottoman...whew.

Here is a tete-a-tete. You'll know what it is when you see This piece of furniture actually came about as a means for a man and woman to engage in courtship.

Then we moved into 20th Century furniture design (yay!) and briefly touched on Arts and Crafts. 

We then transitioned into Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Same time period different countries - Art Deco was here in the U.S. - think chevrons, sunbursts, glam. Art Nouveau was in France and is more of a curvy, sensuous look. 

Here is an Art Deco inspired dining room...the genius of Kelly Wearstler.

This curvy, sexy railing says Art Nouveau to me...

And then we finally got to Mid-Century Modern...pitter patter, pitter patter. Unfortunately we didn't get to talk a ton of MCM but it was enough. A beach house designed by Mona Ross Berman featured in House Beautiful features some Mid-Century Modern inspired furniture. I had the opportunity to see a dining room Mona and her team designed for the Chestnut Hill design show house a few months ago.

Mona Ross Berman Interiors

What 20th century furniture design do you favor?

The last part of class was spent discussing furniture construction, which I'll save for Part 2.

I have a fun post coming your way soon that involves my living room...stay tuned.

Enjoy your Wednesday and thanks for reading!


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  2. I'm a Mid-Century Modern girl, hands down! But I bet you already know that ;-) LOVE the Cherner bar stool in the photo. Cherner is one of my favorites without a doubt.

    I also really like Tommi Parzinger, one of the key creators of Hollywood Regency; he's less known than our MCM gurus, but his work is amazing.

    Can't wait to see what's up with your living room!

    Great post!

  3. fireplaces are sooo cozy. that's my thing!

  4. It's funny- we bought an entire estate of mid-century modern furniture to deck out the finished basement- thought it would be fun and retro. After a while, we moved a few pieces up to the bedrooms- now so much of it is on the first floor. It's really grown on us. Just clean, simple lines and it blends perfectly with a lot of the neoclasssic stuff that we have. It's funny how our tastes change.

    I've missed reading your blog- I've been a bit awol, just crazy busy! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)

  5. The courtship chair is a work of art more than functional but it would be a fun piece if one had the space (one needs leg room on both sides for it to be truly appreciated). I cannot say I am drawn to a particular era - I like an interesting piece no matter what style and am always looking to mix it with something different.