Friday, November 4, 2011


Happy Friday! Today I thought I'd share a design board I put together recently. It was just something I had fun with and something I wanted to be pretty and feminine. I had envisioned the space for a female, but you could switch out a few pieces in order to go co-ed/co-habit/whatever you want to call it. This one started with the piece of art second from the top. I loved all of the colors throughout and it all spun out from there.

Top row:
Fabric: Waverly Happy Go Lucky - I thought this was so pretty and I loved the color combo. It would be great for pillows or a roman shade.

Art: Etsy seller Aeropagita Prints - This is the piece of art that inspired the board. I loved the colors and the shapes used throughout.

Pillow: CB2 - Nice crisp white pillow with great texture and pattern.

Nightstand: Pier 1 - I thought the room needed a little metallic, a little shine.

Second row:
Fabric - Schumacher Betwixt in water - Love love love this fabric. The perfect small geometric textured fabric. I think I put it on every board. Not really, but I could because it's great. Would be nice for a bolster or throw pillow or a bench at the end of the bed.

Bed - Room + Board Portica canopy bed - Because I've always wanted one of these. I think a canopy bed is so grand.

Art - Etsy seller Linda Donohue 

Third row:
Chandelier - Ballard Designs - I thought this added another touch of that romantic, feminine vibe.

Rug - Dash & Albert - I wanted to bring out some more of that pretty blue color and also thought a stripe would be good for the space.

Fabric - Schumacher 

Are there any elements of this board that you particularly like? 

For anyone that uses Olioboard, any tips for getting the wonky images to look normal?  I can't figure it out!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi Holly! What pretty and soft choices. Loving the texture on that pillow and both prints. They are great inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love how peaceful this room looks. Exactly the way a bedroom should be!
    A canopy is on my wishlist too, and the one you picked out rocks. "Pinning" this board in the event my wish eventually comes true!

  3. Delightful! For a girl who wasn't going to post much, looks to me like a prolific week. Hope you enjoy your getaway, can't wait to hear about it!


  4. Beautiful board! I love the piece of art that was your inspiration and of course the Schumacher fabric!

  5. This is really pretty Holly! I have been thinking about that D&A rug.

  6. You know I love the art, reminds me of Amanda Talley. I'm using the mirrored nightstands for a client, love that they're so functional and glamorous! Beautiful choices, Holly!

  7. This all looks so pretty together...I've seen that art by Linda Donahue and i love it! That mirrored nightstand from Pier One is great...I keep thinking of buying the vanity just like it for my daughter...she's 17...I guess I should just do it before she's gone!

  8. I would love a mirrored piece of furniture somewhere, someday. Your board looks dreamy- I think it would be a perfect sophisticated bedroom for a teen girl.

    I don't know about that olioboard. I think it's great for planning a mood board because you can move things around easily but for the final view I prefer some of the other software that I have. Once something goes too transparent on Olio it's hard to get it back without starting over.

  9. Holly, this room is gorgeous! It is so serene and your inspiration artwork. The Schumacher fabric on the bottom right is a favorite of mine as well.

  10. Thanks so much for showing my painting Holly. I love the collection you put together.

  11. Holly...this is sooo gorgeous!! I like Olioboard too...but if you are using a lot of white (which I do) it doesn't show through. My daughter was explaining that there was a way to fix it but when it started getting complicated...I started losing focus!

    I love how you started with artwork as the inspiration. I always have to have a jumping off point, too. Thanks for the sources. That Betwixt patter is so versatile...I never tire of it either.

    GREAT JOB! Love it. This is totally my taste.

  12. Loving this Holly. I could totally live in that space. Pop by on Mon for some love from me to you:)

  13. Gorgeous!!! Maybe someone will put it together for you so we can see the outcome!!!