Thursday, November 10, 2011

Window Treatments and Trims Galore

My class this past Tuesday night was all about window treatments and decorative trims. It was a ton of information packed into two hours but it was great. I took a record-breaking 8 pages of notes/drawings (yes I had to draw a few of the things to remember what it looked like).

I learned some new terminology...napped sateen (a type of lining), bump, jabot, Buillion fringe...just to name a few.

I think one of the big things that I took away from this class is a deeper appreciation of the amount of labor and craftsmanship that can go into making beautiful draperies. Not everything has to be elaborate and high-end, but the amount of work that goes into draperies is really impressive.

So I've pulled some inspiration photos of rooms where the draperies caught my eye and thought I'd share a glimpse into where my drapery obsessed mind is going...

The work of Phoebe Howard. One word, genius. Beautiful (two words). Stunning (three words). I love the mix of roman shades and draperies in the living room above.

As you can see in the photo below, these draperies are much more elaborate, but beautifully crafted. The fabric draped at the top that some would call a swag is a jabot (please let me know if this is incorrect). The jabot is almost like two swags if that makes sense. The fabric draping below each side of the jabot is the cascade.

What I've also been admiring through my window treatment stalking browsing is how beautifully flawless and effortless some draperies just blend right into a room, but at the same time create a softness and gorgeous backdrop to a space.

More Phoebe...check out the hardware.


Ok, this is one of my favorites below (but how can you choose just one??). Where are the draperies? I see them and they are blending right in and fantastic!

One more because I love this one the white draperies with black hardware.

Phoebe Howard's website is filled with beautiful projects that she has done - it's worth lots of looks.

Are their any specific projects where the window treatments really caught your eye? I'm still picturing the lavender draperies from Traditional Home a few months ago - those really stuck out in my mind. Remember those?

I'll be back tomorrow with more window treatment eye candy.

On another note, Lauren Liess from Pure Style Home had a great post yesterday about fabrics and price points, it's definitely worth a read. I learned a lot in one post about fabric. Lauren launched her own fabric line the other day which is beautiful, also worth a look.

Have a great day!


  1. Phoebe Howard is one of my favourite designers - her rooms are always so perfectly stunning! I love how inexpensive drapes can look stunning by adding some lining and a trim along the edge - it totally transforms them without the cost of custom. :)

  2. What a timely post!
    On the list & looking for... drapes for my daughter's room!
    Can't wait to see what you show us next :-)

  3. Thanks for the ideas, Holly - it's one of many items on my list for 2012! I wouldn't have thought of the combination in the first photo, I like the casual look.

  4. Drapery is so expensive...but such a finishing touch. Love Phoebe you make me want to check out her site! But I need to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER :) or at least from blogland and get back to work. :)

  5. This is such an interesting post. I'm really learning how window treatments can make or break a room. I really love the fabric in the first picture -- and the mix of shade and drapes. I also love the airy fabric in the last photo. Gorgeous!

  6. I tend to gravitate to louder fabrics for curtains but I always appreciate a beautiful drape of any pattern or colour. You are getting your money's worth from this course, aren't you??

  7. Wonderful ideas & inspirations! I love Phoebe's designs too. Thank you for all the great info!
    Nancy xo

  8. You bring up some great points that I hadn't considered before. Now I can't wait to be able to hang drapes in my almost completed family room! I think they will make a world of difference in making the room feel a bit more "polished".

  9. That sounds like a fun class. When we built our home I had a decorator come over to give me window treatment ideas. She brought 2 huge notebooks of ideas for me to look for. She said that as part of her education they were required to keep the notebooks. It was really helpful to me to be able to look through them.

  10. I like the airy, beachy feel of the last picture. I never realized what a difference window treatments, and drapes/curtains specifically, could make to the look and feel of a room before I jumped into the whole blogworld. Now, I can't imagine NOT having curtains. Well, I can imagine it since I still need some pretty window treatments in my bedroom. All I have are boring shades.

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  12. I absolutely love the design of the window curtains in the second photo. The folded layer effect makes the entire place look exquisite. Peach and brown make a perfect combination too. The entire living room looks very fitting for royalty.

    1. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing the details here.