Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 Questions

#1 - What are some of your favorite Christmas items? With the exception of my ornaments, I've rounded up a few of my items here...
I had gotten this pillow at a gift shop in my hometown maybe ten years ago while I was still living at home. It's such a pretty pillow and I love breaking it out each year for Christmas.

My hubby got me this a few years ago. We are both fortunate to live not too far from a majority of our immediate family (with the exception of my husband's oldest brother whose family lives in Massachusetts).

And I picked up this copper bird bell at Robertson's in Chestnut Hill the other day at lunch. Right now I just have it sitting on our table, but it can also double as an ornament. The towel underneath the bird was purchased at Home Goods a few years ago and I love them (set of 2 towels).

It's not easy to just pick a few items - I'm sure you can relate. 

#2 - I know all of you have some really crafty creative juices flowing through you (yes, even this time of year when energy levels are all over the place). Ok, so we have this white ceramic crock that sits on top of our kitchen cabinets and holds our wine corks. It's white. It's boring. My question to you is, what would you do to spice up this crock? I've been thinking about ways to jazz it up, monogram it, paint it, but I'd love to hear what you would do with it.

#3 - What is one of your all-time favorite Christmas songs? I've got a Gene Autry mix going on Pandora and I can't get enough. I'm really into the old school crooners, but I can also appreciate new renditions of old classics too. One of my favorites is "Caroling, Caroling" sung by Nat King Cole.  And who doesn't love "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..." - just want to belt it out (and I do) in the car. Sheila loves it. I also keep hearing "This Christmas" and think it's pretty catchy - especially love the Donny Hathaway version.

PS - I've already started my 2012 goals list. I had to do it. I was starting to think about all types of goals: personal, business, family, blog. I had to start writing them all down or I would forget. Don't worry - I'm still focused on Christmas, but when I start thinking goals I need to put them on paper.

Have a great day - looking forward to hearing your responses on #2 and #3.


  1. My 3 answers:
    1. Love that pillow, Holly! My fav xmas items this year are the stocking I made from my wedding dress.
    2. What about using decorative vinyl on the crock? ... a monogram or quote could be cute. (I have a crafty cutter, if you were interested :D ) And it would not be permenant if you wanted to change it up later.
    3. I'm a fan of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. Always feels like Christmas.

    I need to start thinking about goals soon, too. You are thinking ahead! :)

  2. #1 My Mom's collection of carved Santas
    #2 There is a tutorial out there somewhere for using a "ceramic" pen to add a hand drawn monogram to white coffee mugs...that would be fun. (I'll see if I can locate it for you)
    # 3 Anything Barbara Streisand, esp "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

    Great ?? Holly, it will be fun to check back for everyone's answers.
    Now you've inspired me to put those goals mulling around my brain to paper!


  3. #1 It's usually a large wooden train that was my son's first Christmas present, but I really did put all my boxes away after initially getting them out this year!

    #2 I've had this saved for awhile, she transferred a french graphic onto flower pots.

    #3 Way too hard!

  4. Hi Holly,

    My fav xmas music has to be the boni m cd, I think I might have spelt that wrong, but it is the best xmas cd! I also like Britney Spears xmas song we hear playing every year and of course the Band aid (the do they know it's christmas one)original xmas song. I am awful with song titles!!
    As for dressing us the jug, I like it plain, however since you are filling it with wine corks why not continue with that theme on the outside by glueing on your favorite wine labels overlapping each other on it. You could either try peeling off the labels off your bottles or printing out some off the net. Once you've glued enough on I'd cover them all with a glaze so they don't peel off. Picture the look of an old fashioned piece of luggage covered in stickers from all the destinations visited. If I were you though, I'd keep this jug to put your large cooking spoons and whisks in and buy a clear glass hurricane glass from the dollar store and put the corks in that. Then you could see all the nice corks and if you still wanted to paint it, you could paint grapes on the outside or write the names of your fav bottles and the events ex. holly's bday 2011 on it or something like that. Sorry for the run on sentences!!
    btw, good idea about starting setting your goals, now it's got me thinking of mine.

  5. Boy, you ask some great questions!

    Stenciling a pattern, much like a monogram could be fun... or wrapping a jute band or a rope braid around a portion of it... even, gasp, a mini macrame band with beads around a section, maybe a black wire mesh, or a chicken wire 'jacket'... Maybe it becomes a container that holds another taller one inside it? Can't wait to see what you do!

    As for Christmas music, oh boy. I love Christmas music, and so much of it! I love the old crooners too, but then I like cheeky Elvis, assorted instrumental, Diana Krall, etc. It all depends on the mood I'm in, but when I think of Christmas music I want the good old traditional songs. My favorite song is 'O Holy Night', but I love boppy ones too. You'll just have to pop in to see what's playing :-)

  6. I think my favorite Christmas decor is my nativity. I love all Christmas music, but a friend gave me a Chistmas CD by Peter Breinholt and I LOVE every song. The religious songs are my faves...Angels We Have Heard On High, First Noel, etc. I think they remind me of going to church with family on Christmas Eve. As for the crock, you could paint it with chalkboard paint and maybe write places, dates, a memory??? of when you opened a special bottle of wine. Merry merry Christmas Holly. I am so glad to have connected with you this year.