Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Building Vignettes

Tonight was my last interior design class. And it's a little bittersweet. I really looked forward to my Tuesday nights and class, so I'm not going to know what to do with this free time! Well I do but it was a fun adventure while it lasted. Anyway, I'll have another post up soon about my thoughts and reflections on my classes, but for now I wanted to show you just a couple of vignette photos from tonight.

We were all to bring a bunch of objects to use as an accessories store. Doesn't that sound fun? I know between you, me, and all of us we would have a lot of really great accessories to play with. My friend Sharon who I've gotten to know in class brought some great stuff too, and unfortunately I didn't take any photos of her stuff or the vignettes that we built. But here are a few photos of the objects I brought to class...

Is anyone on Instagram? The photo above is one of my Instagram photos. I'm having so much fun with the Instagram app. It's allowing me to see the beauty in things I otherwise probably wouldn't photograph - and it's quick and easy - BIG plus.

My objects are some you may be familiar with and some that you may have seen here on my blog. The big stand-out is probably the Domino book that I absolutely love. And then from left to right:

- A ceramic pear by a local artisan that I bought at the Manayunk Arts Festival before my husband and I were married. You can't see in the photo, but it says "Joy" on it.
- That little dark blob is a wooden turtle that my boss had brought back for me from a vacation. I thought he was cute so I threw him in my box of vignette objects for class.
- The 3rd and Spruce growler is my husband's. He had gotten that pre-us and I thought it was a fun object. It's from a bar/restaurant/brewery in Reading, PA.
- The framed artwork is a watercolor painting done by my Mom's best friend's Mom (got that?). She was a painter and had gifted my Mom a few pieces of artwork. I really love the frame that was chosen for the painting.
- The small cup I had picked up at a consignment store a few months ago.
- Lastly, the book "A Year in Provence" - have you read the book? It's really a fun culinary/cultural read if you're interested in picking it up. My Mom had won the book in a drawing and I gladly accepted it when she told me it was all mine.

Looking back now at the photograph of the objects I chose, I think it's a true reflection of my design style - a nice mix of old and new.

The photo below was just me playing around with my turquoise objects. I played with these for a little while after class just to take a few photos for you guys. I'm always thinking of my readers and friends, and knew you'd be interested in seeing some of these photos.

There are a few electives in the spring that I'll probably take, but for now my classes are over and I've got lots to think about heading into 2012.

I'll leave you with a few of my other Instagram photos I've taken in the past week - maybe they will inspire...

Our evergreen out front of the house. My hubby did a wonderful job with the lights.

Afternoon sun and artwork in my office at work.

Do you see the neat vintage effect in these photos? I'm hooked!

My thought for you today is to find something you may otherwise pass over, and appreciate the beauty in that object. And let me know if you're on Instagram!


  1. Pretty vignette - just playing around with the turquoise objects! You are taented, girl! I loved going to school with you! :)

  2. I love the little vignette you created! I hope you keep going with your courses because you've got a ton of talent.

  3. Holly, you just won my giveaway!!! So excited for you! I just sent you an email. xo

  4. I keep hearing stuff about Instagram - I need to figure out what it is and try it. Your blog is very pretty, Holly! Thank you for the comments over at The Decorologist :)

  5. What? Your last class already?
    I love Instagram, but kinda forget about it when it comes to using it on my own pictures. The turquoise pic is a great vignette.

  6. Whew - you gave me lots to comment on! I love your cup - what a find! I SO have the Domino book on my wishlist and my fingers are crossed every which way for that wish to come true, pears are a go-to favorite for me in vignettes, both my hubby and I want to read A Year in Provence... and I think your turquoise vignette is beautiful! I love all the objects in it, especially the bottle :-)

    And I'm with Kristie - what is Instagram? Help!!!

    Another great post, Holly. You share such interesting things with us. Thank you!

  7. Hey, Holly! Wow, the accessories class sounds so fun!!! Love what you brought with you.

    Sorry I have been a total comment slacker lately..this party combined with just Christmas stuff in general like gifts and cards is stressing me out just a bit. And then last night I came down with something and didn't sleep a wink. Feel terrible today, hoping it passes by Saturday, yikes!! Your tree looks so beautiful! I think we did the same thing as you...just put all the breakable ornaments up top and the soft, handmade ones that she can play with on the bottom. I also made a new paper chain garland and put it on there, figuring worst case she rips it up:) Maura's been doing really well...she loves the lights. She occasionally takes one or two ornaments off and I find them randomly around the house, then I just put them back. She really loves her FP Little People Nativity set, she can even say "moo" for the cow and "bah" for the sheep. Of course, we call the Joseph and Mary figures "Dada" and "Mama" and I think she thinks they are us;) Hope you are enjoying the holidays so far with little Sheila! I'll be around more next week, hopefully! Thanks again for always bringing a smile to my face:)

  8. I'm kind of sad your classes are over too...it's been fun going to school with you! Of course I love your turquoise vignette. The textured bottle is really cool and I've got the Domino book on my Christmas list. Year in Provence is one of my favorites, especially since I got to spend a semester in Provence in college. If you ever get a chance, you should go! Am I one of the only ones in the world who doesn't really know what instagram is?!?!?

  9. I love the items you chose for your vignettes. I'm sorry your design class is over too. I've enjoyed reading about it.

    I have used instagram, but not all that much. I may have to check it out again. Great photos!

  10. You have some interesting pieces, Holly. That bowl is a unique piece, the turtle, the growler - each one. I do love books, too. Sounds like a fun class where you get to do hands on experimenting like this. That green bottle is a beautiful color. I love experimenting with different pic effects as well.

  11. I'm sorry to hear your class is over Holly, I love hearing about your design school adventures. What a lovely grouping of old and new items to bring together in a vignette.

    I will have to check out Instagram, sounds fun. I have seen the images all over blogland, but have never checked into it. I must!

  12. love the pieces! and I love that vingnette with the turquoise...very pretty.