Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Tidbits

It's Friday!! Time for a few tidbits that I've come across this week...good reads, good finds, just some good stuff I thought you might find interesting too.

This article about holiday decor e-design by Elizabeth Garone for the Wall Street Journal is so interesting. Interesting to compare the feedback and information she got, the price range, and the overall feeling on the experience. You know my thoughts on my e-design experience, so very interesting and timely to come across this article. Did I ever tell you that I shared a little bit about my e-design with my class and they looked at me like I had 5 heads?

And thanks to Pam for giving the heads up on this article by Deborah Needleman, "10 Odd, Yet Essential, Elements of Style" also in the Wall Street Journal back in October. Her new book The Perfectly Imperfect Home is on my Christmas list. And now that I realize it, her article in the Wall Street Journal was a little preview of the book. I'm just realizing that now looking at the two side-by-side. Regardless, I think you would probably enjoy both.

Pam also throws a mean Christmas all started with this invitation...

Pam and her friends have a theme each year, and this year it was Words. How fun! (hence the invite)
Then Pam worked her magic with the decor. These....

Turned into this...

Stop by Pam's blog, Simple Details, to check out the rest of the details on the party...especially the menu!

I'm coming up on my last design class this upcoming week. We're wrapping up with lighting and accessories. I'll have an update on this last class for you soon.

Have a great weekend and thanks as always for following along with me!


  1. Hi Holly-

    Thanks for sharing the article on style. Loved it and shared it on twitter. I am headed over to Pam's blog right now.

    I hope Sheila is feeling better and you have an enjoyable weekend.

    My best- Diane

  2. Great article Holly, thanks for sharing! I too thought Pam's party was just outstanding, she is some kind of clever. Enjoy that last class, are there more on the horizon?


  3. ooh a new-to-me blog. Thanks for highlighting it. I am going over there now!

  4. Thanks, Holly, you are truly one of the gems in blogland! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments you leave for everyone! A mom, full-time job, design school, a blog and you take the time to make everyone feel special with your support! You're the best!!

  5. Holly, I cannot get enough of those mason jars all lit up! So, so lovely.

  6. These articles are fantastic! Thanks for posting them!

  7. Wow, would you not love to go to that party??? I'm off to read your links. Have a great weekend Holly.

  8. Those votives are beautiful! What an impact something so small can make when used in numbers.
    Thanks for the WSJ links. I'll def be checking those out. Have a great weekend, Holly!

  9. Wow! Love that invitation!!! Thank you for the introduction to Pam - I'm headed over there to check the rest out... and just wait, those 5 heads shall become 5 e-design clients ;-)

  10. That invitation is so creative and fun! Looks like it was a great party too.

  11. Just read the 10 elements article and had to come back and comment. Thanks for sharing this! I feel like she did a great job distilling the things I find appealing in rooms into 10 easy bullet points. Well said.

  12. Love the look of all those mini votives. I have done something similar in the past but not with so many...gorgeous. Will check out this new site.