Monday, December 12, 2011

It's the Holiday Season!

I've got a lot of Christmas songs in my head so I knew I would title this post with a line from a song.

I wanted to show you some of the holiday spirit we have around our house. We decorated our Christmas tree this past weekend. Notice anything about the tree? Our little munchkin is very curious about the tree and the ornaments, so we've moved most of the ornaments to the top half of the tree and left a few at the bottom that Sheila can look at and remove if she likes.

Our railing to the second floor gets a Christmas update...

Here is a glimpse of our front porch decor. Have you heard of a Sno-ler? I added the holly and the bow. 

Holiday decor is so pretty in the home (and outside too). If I had a good photo of our outdoor lights I'd show you that too but it didn't come out so well. But speaking of outdoors, we took a walk around town the other day and I snapped a photo of my favorite door (tell me you have a favorite front door somewhere too if not your own?).

Isn't it so pretty? It looks nice year round, but I really love the holiday look.

I'll post a few more photos in the next week or so. I've got my very last interior design class tomorrow night - it's gone so fast. I'll have a full recap for you. I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. So pretty, Holly! Your fabulous striped wall looks like you planned it for the holidays! I'm bummed your class is about over, it was fun following along!

  2. Love your Sno-ler Holly! The tree looks great too and it's perfect that you have it decorated so that Sheila can enjoy it. Just this year we've started putting the more fragile ornaments in our collection on the tree and our youngest is 13!!!


  3. Your house looks so festive! And, I love your sleigh ... one of these days I need to add one of those to my decor. They're so great :)

  4. The sno-ler is great! Your home looks ready for a nice, cozy Christmas. Mary is 3 and still obsessed with taking ornaments off and putting them back on the tree, so the bottom half is mainly kid-crafted, unbreakable stuff at our house. The arched door is so pretty too...I lve the stonework surrounding it.

  5. I love what you've done... and that favorite door is awesome!

    And after seeing your tree, I'm definitely pouting :-( I LOVE red bows on the Christmas tree, and every year our tree has them... but this year my family voted for no bows :-( :-( Did I mention I'm pouting? They finally relented and said I could go for it if I put them on myself - but I've decided to honour their 'decorating' vision this year, because that's what makes it fun - the input comes from all of us, not just me!

    But I do love your red bows :-)

  6. Your tree is so pretty sitting next to that striped wall! That front door would be my favorite too if I lived there. I hope you are feeling better Holly.