Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Favorite Post of 2011

Looking back on 2011, I'm reminded of how much I have learned here in the blogging community. Blogging has been a huge stepping stone for me and has given me the confidence to try new things. One of my favorite posts from this year was presenting my very first design board as part of Mood Board Monday.

I experienced so many emotions leading up to this post. I was both excited and nervous to showcase my very first design board. I worked so hard on this board and wanted to be proud of my project (and I am). I wanted some constructive criticism and I got it. And I was really thrilled to be able to mingle with other bloggers and see what creative route each of the participants decided to take with this challenge. The camaraderie I experienced with this post was exhilarating.

I've also learned a few tips and tricks with creating a design board, so I've done a few edit tweaks to this board from my previous post.

This design board was the first of many that I presented this year, and I hope to keep showing you my creations in 2012.

I'm sharing this post over at Suzy's end-of-year House Party.


  1. It's been so fun following along on your design adventures this year. I absolutely love all your design boards ... you're incredibly talented.

  2. Hooray for design! Your boards are all beautiful, but I especially love the color palette you used here. I'm so happy for you that you've found something you have a real passion (and talent!) for. I'm excited to see where this might take you in the future.

  3. This was a great mood board, Holly. Look forward to seeing more in 2012!

  4. Wait. The wallpaper MBM was your first one? No way! I feel like you have been doing this least, that's what your design boards look like!! So happy to read this post, Holly!! I feel like you have had such success with your blog this should be really proud. Blogland is definitely better with you in it. Thank you for everything:) And can't wait to see where 2012 takes you!!! (Hi to Sheila!)

  5. You are so talented, girl!! It's fabulous, I missed it somehow, so glad you shared it with us! You've totally inspired me, I'm making it one of my resolutions to learn how to do them! :)