Monday, December 5, 2011

A Nursery Idea Board

Whew, I don't know about you but I need a weekend from the weekend. We got our tree yesterday and my husband got the outside lights up, so it's beginning to feel and smell like Christmas around our house. The weather has been so great - we had another nice mild weekend especially for December.

So here we are back to Monday...I've got a design board for you today.

A dear friend of mine is just about half-way through her pregnancy. They are not finding out what they are having so it's gender neutral all the way for this one. My friend has great style and has already picked out a few items for the room. Since I got a sneak peek at a few of the fabrics and accessories she chose, I thought I'd play around a little bit and put together a board for the room.

I ended up using the Poang rocker from IKEA that I had used on the gender neutral board from a few weeks ago. I think it's a great value and a great look. (Does anyone have one of these rockers in their home? I'd love to know what you think of it as a rocker. I've sat in the chair but never the rocker).

My friend selected the following:
Owl fabric -
Green polka dot fabric -
Owl lamp - Target
She also picked out a very cute owl/tree decal from Etsy that they'll be using on one of the walls.

Great jumping off points, aren't they? I brought in the LUSY BLOM rug from IKEA because there were so many additional accent colors you could pull from it depending upon whether they have a boy or a girl and I liked the additional element of whimsy it brought to the room as well.

Here are the rest of my sources:
Zig zag multi-color fabric -
Crib - Wayfair
Storage container - The Container Store
Stuffed dog animal - Land of Nod
Numbers print - Etsy seller Trendy Peas
Yellow side table - Urban Outfitters
3-drawer dresser - IKEA
Play gym - IKEA

There are lots of fun ways you can go with this room. Hopefully I'll be showing you some photos as my friend is close to completion of the room. Nursery design boards are so much fun to put together, but the gender neutral ones can be tough depending upon how neutral you want to stay before baby arrives. In Sheila's room, we added curtains, additional artwork, and a name decal after she arrived.

Do you have any friends or family who have done a gender neutral nursery? I'd love to hear the color combos or jumping off points they used for the room.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Very pretty, Holly! I love that Ikea rug..the child can grow with that for a while. If it is a girl she could definitely use that for longer. Trendy Peas has great artwork and I think I have used that same one in one of my nursery design boards and of course, one cannot go wrong with the vast selection of decals available.

  2. Love how you tied everything together Holly! When we were expecting our first (way back when, he just turned 17) we used bright primary colors and Marimekko fabric in a gender neutral nursery. I have a soft spot for those bright colors. Can't wait to see the finished room!


  3. Wow, with a nursery like that I almost want to do it all over again... but not quite. I think the 17 year gap between Kaleigh and a sibling at this point would be much, much too large LOL!

    Love the bright, fun colours. What a great space :-)

  4. That is a colorful and fun room! My daughter has that Ikea rug in her room. It's great for pulling colors from. You will have to post pics of your friend's nursery as it comes together. The owl theme she picked is darling.

  5. What a fantastic room that will be. I love the bright, fun colours and I've never met an owl that I didn't fall in love with:)

  6. Hey, Holly! We went and got out tree yesterday and put up the outside lights on Saturday! Too funny. It's definitely a lot different this year now that our toddlers are more into it, huh? Maura's loving the lights and the music:)

    What a great nursery board! Your friend picked some really cute things. And you did an awesome job finishing it off. I can vouch for the Ikea dresser and I love that numbers print! Gender neutral is so hard! One of my good friends is pregnant and she just posted on facebook the other day after going to register something like "Why is everything that's gender neutral a pastel?!" Lol!

    Thanks for your comment on my pine cone sweet that they make you think of your mom! They make me think of my daughter:)

  7. Sometimes gender neutral rooms can be so...gender neutral. But this one is fantastic! I love all the bright colors and accessories. What a lucky little baby (and parents!)

  8. I love this design. That is such a cheerful nursery I would love to spend time in. What a lucky friend you have!

  9. Love it! Such a great combo of colors. I love that Ikea rug--somehow I've never seen that one before. Great job! I'll have to keep exploring to see how it turned out...

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