Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Wall of Treasures

Today is my last day off of the year and it's been quite enjoyable. Sheila slept until about 7:15 so I got some extra sleep which was glorious. We did lots of playing and some shopping, and now I have time for a mid-day blog post while Sheila is napping - I could get used to this!

A few weeks ago, I had posted about the gallery wall that is in the works in our living room. I've decided to refer to it as the wall of treasures, since every item that I plan to include is going to be in some way meaningful to our family. 

Makes sense, doesn't it? There are some beautiful gallery walls out there, in fact a few that I am able to visualize right now as I'm writing this, but the neat thing about the wall of treasures is that it is and should be unique to each home.

I'm a strong believer in making your home personal and surrounding yourself with treasures, photos, art, accessories that are meaningful to you and your family. I know it's not rocket science, but it's really the personal touches that make home.

A few weeks before Christmas, we ventured up to my Mom's house for a visit. I had asked my Mom if it was okay if I dug through an old box of photographs and letters that my grandfather had written to my grandmother during the war. There were so many interesting letters, photos, and momentos. A few of which my Mom told me I could take with me. Isn't it funny as you get older how much more meaningful items like this are? Anyway, I came across this photo of my grandfather and thought it was so neat. And a perfect addition for the wall of treasures...

That's my grandfather on the right, looking handsome I must say. And how about his cool travel bag? And I'm sure you can't miss the fish being held by the man on the left. I don't think this man had any connection to my grandfather. I think he just wanted his picture taken with a native. I'll show you some of the writing on the back of the photograph...

He sent this photo to my grandmother when he was away in North Africa. Look at the date, January 27th, 1943. Pretty amazing. And how cute that he called her "Honey Chile".

This is a testament to the power of the written word, the art of letter writing, and documenting important dates and people on your photographs. I'm so glad I have this special photo to be able to display and share in our home. I hope to have more photos to share with you in the future. My Mom is very good at saving important things such as this.

Another quick snap...this time I sat the photo on top of a box of matches I had picked up at Bucks Country Dry Goods in Doylestown. Loved the map of New York on the box.

I'll be getting this photo framed up soon and will show you the finished product once it's all complete.
I've got a few other items in need of framing too - another item for my 2012 to-do list.


  1. Honey chile, I just adore that photo! I totally agree that it's important to surround ourselves with things that have meaning. As a parent, it's great that you will be able to pass this sense of history down to Sheila. Enjoy your vacation day!

  2. Did this post just have the words "Bucks County" and "Doylestown" in it? Yay!!!! Now I'm thinking about home;) That photo of your grandfather is so cool, and yes, he is handsome! Reminds me of my grandparents, he was in the navy and they got married when they were 19! I love that your gallery wall is going to be a wall of treasures...and yes it is true that we appreciate this stuff much more as we get older. I want my kitchen gallery wall to be fun and colorful (mostly artwork) and then I want to do a huge gallery wall (maybe all B&W?) of all family photos somewhere. Thanks for inspiring me to get moving:)

  3. Such a great story! I love things with history.

  4. Such a great story Holly, I love looking back through old photos of my parent's and grandparent's when they were young too. I love family history.

    Enjoy your last day off and Happy New Year!

  5. I love old photographs and family history is so important. What a lovely addition to your wall of treasures.

  6. I love this post! What an amazing picture! Do you live near Doylestown? I live a half hour north of there! I love finding bloggers that live in the area!Love your blog.