Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Tidbits

I've got a few fun things for you today...

~~I won a pair of tickets to the Philadelphia Home Show through Dana at Circadee (thanks Dana!). I'm so excited and now I need to decide when I'm going to attend. I found Dana's blog this past summer and realized that we don't live very far from each other (love local connections).

Dana has picked up some really great vintage pieces and has really been on a roll with all of the projects she's been completing. Check out Dana's recent project in her Cape May bungalow that her and her boyfriend, Ryan, completed. A reclaimed wood pallet backsplash...

I love it and you must go over and see the before and after. They did a really great job.

~~Next up, a new favorite book that I haven't even gotten half way through yet but love it. It's that fourth book down from the top, Downtown Chic by Cortney and Robert Novogratz. (think I have enough reading to catch up on?)

Image courtesy of Amazon

Here is one of my favorite images from the book:

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Casually elegant. I feel like they do casual really really well and always so good looking too, and probably because they have 7 kids. What I really take away about their style is their appreciation for very well made pieces and mixing those in with flea market finds and other vintage items. They also know how to gut, rehab, and make gorgeous and the book tells all about that. This book was a surprise gift from my hubby for Christmas and I'm so happy he got this one for me!

~~This past weekend I got a chance to check out a coffee shop I've always wanted to try, One Shot Coffee. A friend and I went for lunch and it was much brighter than this photo below. Both the coffee (Stumptown) and the food were awesome - highly recommend if you're ever down in Northern Liberties. Stumptown originates from Portland, Oregon (lucky you Jenn!).

And on Sunday, my hubby and I got to go to brunch at one of our favorites...


Have a great weekend! I know I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Love your Friday Tid-Bits, Holly! I watched the Novogratz's a couple of times on HGTV, my review was kind of mixed! I could make that coffee shop a regular, for sure! :)

  2. Holly - thanks for the mention! I hope you love the home show and Sabrina's is one of my faves too!

  3. Well you do have a fun weekend ahead of you. I love the Novogratz' so I think I really need to get that book. I adore the coffee shop. It's completely my style and I'd be tempted to spend way too much time hanging out! Have fun this weekend.

  4. Hey, Holly!! Fun stuff! I love brunch, but we never go. Do you ever take Sheila out to eat? We don't - cause she can only stand the high chair for like 3 minutes and doesn't eat much at all when she's distracted. I feel like I need to do this more to get her better at it, but its hard!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments - Maura's T-giving dress was from Macys - I didn't like one of the dresses she got for her birthday, so I returned it and got that one, ha! We mostly watch the Disney channel and I end up DVRing alot of the movies that they show just to have them as back up. So far, I've tried Nemo, Toy Story, Pixie Hollow Games and Robin Hood (thought she might like the animals) but she still always asks for Cars!

    Do you watch the Home by Novogratz show on HGTV! All their kids have the weirdest names! They definitely have a funky style, there's always one cool idea that you can pull from each episode. Have a great weekend!

  5. Nothing I love more than a leisurely Sunday brunch...hope yours is!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog~

  6. OK, not shocking that this is what I noticed about this post, but can we talk about that amazing curved tufted benches at one-shot coffee? Those are amazing...when i eventually get to Philadelphia to visit, we need to go there!