Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Our Someday Home

We're not going to be in our current home forever. In fact, we've talked about listing our house this year at some point. Who knows what will happen, but in light of that, of course I've been thinking about what our next house will look like, the layout, the design, etc, etc. What any normal person would do, right?

Specifically thinking about the living area (and hoping that we'll have much more space), I've put together the start of a design board using elements that we already own from our living room. There are a lot of new elements or variations of existing items, but I think it's important to reuse items that you are really happy with, which I've done here.

Existing elements are: the rug, the two slipper chairs, and the Live In Awe art print.

Similar elements to items we already have are: the teal pillow and the mirror.

I've specified Roman Column by Sherwin Williams (SW7562) for the wall color (I'm ready for light and bright).

New elements to the room are the beautiful pillows. The pretty floral pillow in the GPJ Baker fabric can be found in Erin's shop, Plush Studio (and I'm really practicing restraint with not purchasing the pillow now). Erin did the draperies and pillows in our living room and the curtains in Sheila's room. She's great. And here are the rest of the new sources:

Grey ikat pillow cover - Etsy seller kyoozi
TV stand - West Elm
Weathered wood spheres - West Elm
Side table - Pier 1
Grey ottomans - Target
Sofa - Crate and Barrel (I'm really really itching for a new sofa - a white one to be exact)
Floor lamp - West Elm
Turquoise fabric (for draperies) - Lewis & Sheron
Metal galvanized letters - Anthropologie

If you have moved more than once, how did you transition your current furnishings into your new home? I'm trying to be realistic knowing that I'll want to change at least a few things up.

I'm sure I will change my mind many times, so I'll be sure to share any new ideas that I come across.


  1. We sold lots on Craigslist and started fresh. We didn't start with good "bones" like you though. Pretty board!

  2. Holly, I really like the design board you created with all the pretty colors! I have come to find with moving several times that it helps to be thrifty with your decor purchases. I try to hang out to most of my furnishings but with a new home I always like to have a fresh start. Some things I feel okay about selling on the local classifieds if I didn't spend too much money and can recoup a lot of what I paid than I feel justified in buying new inexpensive decor. You can always switch furniture around and put pieces in different rooms than they were in before.

  3. I've moved a lot in the last 10 years, and each time it was about letting pieces go that I didn't love. But in each new home, it was about rethinking the pieces that I kept. Using them in different ways, putting different pieces together, and yes, storing some favorites that just didn't fit in the new space. But the storing part wasn't a tough decision to make because we've been renting since selling the last home in 2007.

    Your board is really pretty!

  4. I love this room .... so gorgeous. We've been thinking/looking at buying a new home and the one thing I do when I look at a new room is decorate it in my head. I can't help it :)

  5. I did a similar thing a looooooong time ago, planning for my new apartment's living room decor before I moved in. It came out pretty close to planned :) Good luck!

  6. This board is perfect as you anticipate a move. Lots of great advice from the other commenters. Make sure that any purchases you make are timeless and flexible pieces that you LOVE such as a neutral, well made sofa or a classic chest or chair. If you love them when you buy them you will always want these pieces in your home. Especially if you use Sheila's advice. Keep us posted on how it all shakes out....

  7. The floral pillow is gorgeous! Lots of fun colors to use. I would love a white sofa too, but are you nervous about it getting dirty? I go back and forth on the white sofa issue. :)

  8. Your future home is stunning!! I have moved so many times and things find their way into new rooms and new configurations. They don't always work but I usually find a way unless I really want to replace them:)

  9. Beautiful design Holly. The redorange and blue green play off of each other beautifully, and the gray breaks up the color a little, giving your eye a place to rest...I love it! I too hope we move this year, I started shopping for a new home last night...just in case ;)

  10. Hey, Holly! Wow, selling your house!? That is a huge project unto itself! Exciting and scary and stressful all at the same time. Are you going to be looking to move close to where you are now? This is not necessarily our "forever" home, but it could be. The house is definitely big enough for us to stay in long term (in terms of # of bedrooms/baths) and we love our location/neighborhood. Schools are supposed to be technically we could stay here forever. I think Paul has always had dreams of having a house built...but that wouldn't be for a long time. So, I feel confident working on things and putting some money in because I know we will be there for awhile. And it doesn't really stress me out that I don't get that much done, what I like changed so frequently that its probably for the best;) It so fun to start thinking of a new place to decorate/work with! Love this mood board, especially that turquoise fabric for the drapes! I would say have fun dreaming about it and messing around with things for it now, but when you do find a new place, give it some time when you move in and see how you really feel about the new room. So exciting! Can't wait to follow along and good luck with getting everything ready to list:)

  11. You are most definitely practicing your restraint! I think the best part about design is that rooms can evolve. The rooms in my own home never look the same very for long; I'm always experimenting or tweaking something!

  12. We've moved 5 times in our 12 years together. It's such a fun process, but it can be challenging to rearrange all of your things in a new space. My biggest struggle was often times with our dining room furniture. Dining rooms come in all different shapes and sizes.

    When we moved into our current home, it was bigger than our previous home and the hardest thing was being patient enough to fill it. I knew I didn't want to run out and buy "things" to fill the house. I wanted to find things that I loved.

    It has been worth it to wait. The house is not finished by any means and I'm now learning that once I think I'm done, I want to start over in another room. I guess I'll never really be done and I'm okay with that.

    I wish you so much luck in whatever you decide over the new year!

  13. The chairs, the sofa, the ottoman combo -you could move them right into my house! Love the color combos and the general feel- isn't it fun figuring out the plan? Curious, did you use Olioboard for your mood board?