Monday, January 23, 2012

Thinking About...

Double duty work spaces, specifically for children and families.

My sister-in-law is going to be redoing their playroom to double as a play area and a work area for their two boys.  This room is also adjacent to the family room where they just got a new TV, so I've been thinking about how they can make it functional for the boys but also a space that they can all use and enjoy.

Creating work areas with ample cabinetry, storage, and proper lighting...

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Comfortable seating for family plus guests...

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Maybe some built-ins or open shelving...

And of course, plenty of room to display art to personalize the space...

And perhaps a fabric like one of these to start the color story...

Both fabrics from Lewis & Sheron

I'll get to see my SIL this weekend so I'm sure we'll discuss this even just for a little while.

Do you have common areas that work double duty? What features are important to you when it comes to planning a work/play/gather area?


  1. You have some great inspiration pics! How cute are those three desks? Since I work on a table in my family room (definitely not an ideal situation), I would say STORAGE is a must, someplace to tuck those files and office supplies when not in use. Open shelving in pretty, but I would definitely include some enclosed cabinets, or even baskets, etc., where things can be tucked away.

    1. Yes, I agree with you Suzy, there definitely needs to be enough cabinetry or drawers to stash stuff away. I like the mix of drawers and shelves in the one photo. And always the option for baskets or containers to be stored on the shelves too.

  2. hi Holly-

    Love love that second photo. I love all those windows with no window treatments. Maybe in my next house :)

  3. You've definitely found some great inspiration. You sister-in-law is lucky to have you. Hope you have a great visit!

  4. Storage, storage, storage! My office is currently located in the same room as our play room and workout area. It can get really crazy in there, but if everything has a place, it's easier. I love that first fabric by the way!

    Have a great day!

  5. I used to have a common area but the kids now have their playroom in the basement. I like the idea of an upholstered ottoman with storage/soft seating option and comfortable seating for all. Faux suede is an option for seating that I recommend for clients when doing a family room. Spill are easy to clean yet it looks inviting for adults. I also use metallic wire and wooden clothes pegs like in your picture to display interchangeable artwork my kids work on.

  6. Enclosed storage that includes easy storage pieces for the kiddos to keep things organized themselves.:) They're not the best at putting things back in lots of little containers, I think they're better at larger bins and baskets (boys, anyway!) Have fun, Holly!

  7. I want a room that combines that gorgeous living room with those amazing shelves/desks. Wouldn't that make an amazing office space? I love how light and bright everything is.

  8. Love those desks, I have oogled over them more than once. Have fun brainstorming with your SIL on this project!

  9. My hubby and I share our office, so it feels like it's doing double duty to meet both of our needs. As much as I like being in the office, I also like to be in the main area of our home. So right now I'm on the hunt for a writing desk that I can make over and set up in front of a set of corner windows in our family room area. The house is open concept, so in order to pull this off I have to make it pretty, and make it fit with the rest of what's going on! And the intended use for this is a space to write my blog... my office space will then be where I pay bills and do all that other not-so-fun stuff!

  10. This sounds like a really fun project. It is just Chris and I, so we really don't have a need for a double-duty room, but I can appreciate the challenge. Hope you share what you come up with!

  11. This post is really helpful! I have a playroom that I would like to double as a work area so these are some great tips! I'm excited to hear what you come up with!

  12. I have an office/craft room that everyone uses and I couldn't be more in love with the space!
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