Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Kitchen...

Have you seen this kitchen before? This kitchen has been on my mind for quite some time. It really caught my attention. And we're not planning on doing anything to our kitchen. This was just one of those images that makes an impression very quickly and doesn't. go. away. It's beautiful and so different.

I had browsed through Renovation Style at the store a few months ago, and I came across this home designed by Andrea Schumacher of O Interior Design out of Denver, Colorado. This image above is actually a little different than the photo out of Renovation Style. If I get a chance, I'll scan in the image that is in the magazine. The magazine shows a few different angles and some different styling here and there as well. (I really wanted to make this photo larger but it got all pixilated when I tried to do that)

I was really drawn to the contrast between the pretty wallpaper, the marble, and the white cabinets not to mention the island where they decided to do butcher block counters and a beautiful emerald green on the cabinetry to pick up that color in the wallpaper. And the chandeliers, oh the chandeliers. So very pretty.

Here are a few other favorite images from O Interior Design:

A beautiful spacious, neutral kitchen.

And a nice living area with one of my favorite colors included, orange. I could see a nice cocktail party taking place in this living area below.

I really love the draperies in this photo above too. Does anyone know what fabric that is? 

Have you seen that kitchen featured in Renovation Style? The entire house tour is very pretty.


  1. I hadn't seen it Holly! So unique, the family room is my favorite and the neutral kitchen is more my style! Yay, I can comment, again!

  2. Love the orange in that living room and the emerald green island in the first kitchen. So pretty and fresh!

  3. I haven't seen the first image either. So pretty and unique, I can see how this image stuck! I do love all the bold and contrasting colors, they make this space so unforgettable!

  4. Beautiful. I haven't seen any of these before. The middle one is my favorite. Can I have it please?

  5. I have never seen these images Holly, so fresh and pretty. I love the touches of orange

  6. I haven't seen those images before, so thank you for sharing! It is really enjoyable to see a kitchen that is so different than the norm yet just lovely!

  7. They're all beautiful spaces. I know I've seen that fabric before so it I come across it again I'll let you know:)

  8. I've never seen them before....the first thing I noticed is the huge drawers! My dream kitchen will be all drawers and open shelving, oh happy day.

    That wallpaper is beautiful!

  9. I really love the interiors of your kitchen.The cabinets are good place and you have made good use of them without giving them extra space.