Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pattern Play - Cranberry, Jamberry

My pattern play posts have quickly become one of my favorite posts of the week to draft up. I just sort of run with my imagination and post it up. It's fun to let the creativity juices flow.

I've had mauves, cranberries, these rich colors on the mind lately. A little bit of that came out in my children's book illustrations post from the other day showing Jamberry. I remembered that I had this art print in my Etsy favorites and thought it was perfect as my cranberry/Jamberry inspiration.

Etsy seller Tabitha Brown

Where might this geometric print be hanging? Where would you hang this piece of artwork? I thought it would be great in an office or entryway. It's quite bold so I went with the idea of taking a serious approach (read: in a library/study or reading room) or a sassy approach (read: fun, playful, female loft living).

And here is my interpretation for today's pattern play...
Do you see where I was going with this? Two very different looks, aren't they? I guess that's part of the fun for me is picking an inspiration piece and then coming up with two very different looks to satisfy different tastes and personalities. 

Hope you enjoyed this one and let me know what you like about it (it's okay not to like something too. I always appreciate constructive feedback and opinions).

Sources: Greek key pillow, striped fabric, crimson fabric, floral fabric, geometric fabric, ikat pillow (my current crush thank you Kelly Wearstler). Paint color: Sherwin Williams SW6007 Smart White

PS - I attempted to make cupcakes using an egg substitute (Sprite) and it was a total fail (insert sad face). Guess I'll be making a quick stop at Whole Foods on the way to school today. Sheila's class is doing cupcakes for a birthday and Sheila can't have eggs so the teachers were nice enough to let me know so I could provide an alternative for her. 


  1. You have a knack for finding the best art on Etsy! The sassy selection is my favorite, but I'd find a way to combine the Greek key!

  2. I'm with Pam...all the way! LOVE the artwork!

  3. That artwork is AMAZING! And, I LOVE the sassy side ... so cute :)

  4. Love the artwork - it's so much fun! I'm leaning to the 'Sassy' selection - it's also a lot of fun, and I LOVE the geometric fabric! Bummer on the cupcake fail, but at least you gave it a shot! There will be more opportunities, trust me ;-)

  5. Loved your children's book artwork post the other day! I've been known to cut one or two pages from kids' books and frame them;) Great pattern play this week...I'm definitely on the sassy side, that pillow is amazing!!

    Sheila can't have eggs? Like ever?! or just for now? That sucks! I always hoped that my kid would never get a food allergy, its so much work on top of just worrying about feeding them. I'm sorry!

  6. That combo is amazing! Love the colors in the Ikat pillow and I'm such a sucker for stripes.

  7. These are great, Holly! I love the print..the sassy point of view is playful with the fabric pattern as well as the colors which are picked up beautifully. The serious side is a great attempt with the infusion of geometrics which are more serious and particularly with the stripes.

  8. I'm struggling to pick a favorite. They are both awesome. Guess I'm a feeling a little bit sassy and a little bit serious today :)

  9. My goddaughter is allergic to just about everything, and I think her mom uses applesauce as an egg substitute? It has worked pretty well for baked goods ... and I think they keep a stash of frozen cupcakes at school so the teachers can take one out if there happens to be a surprise treat. I recognized that Kelly Wearstler fabric immediately - she has a way with color and pattern, doesn't she?!