Friday, February 17, 2012

TGIFiles - Q&A Sessions

Today I'm doing a Q&A about me. Two fellow bloggers and friends tagged me in a Q&A game, so I thought my Friday TGIFiles was a perfect time to follow through with the fun.

Carol from The Design Pages was a blogger that I met early on when I started my blog. I believe Carol was my first Canadian blog friend too. Carol and her family recently moved into a new home and she's been putting the Carol touch on it. Carol also scored a nice lot of fabric remnants from Etsy recently and made some great pillows and art. I love Carol's fearless use of color evidenced by her choice of blue for this wall of art and punchy framed fabrics. Love that blue!

Photo courtesy of The Design Pages

And Pam from Simple Details also sent some questions my way as well. Pam has only been blogging for 5 months if you can believe that. She's whipped out more projects in 5 months than I've done in the past 3 years - true story. She is one motivated gal and I'm so glad we crossed paths this year as she is a true delight. Check out this pretty pillow Pam made recently - it's a mix of two fabrics on the front and then backed by a burlap coffee sack she picked up for FREE a while ago and it just happened to have pink writing on it - how fun!

Photo courtesy of Simple Details

Ok, so here we go with the Q&A session. 
Carol's questions to me:

What did you do last Friday night? 
Ate pizza (from Tony A's) it's a family Friday tradition

What is your specialty in the kitchen?
Does coffee count? If I had to choose a food, I'd say any casserole. I love casseroles.
What is your favourite nail polish colour?
Ballet Slippers or Brownie Points both by Essie

Dogs or cats?
What is your favourite computer or phone app?
Mmmm...I've really been enjoying Houzz lately but I also love Etsy.

Who inspires you the most?
All of my family. They are loving and amazingly supportive.

If you and I were going to spend a weekend together what would you plan for us?
I know Carol and I would have so much fun. We'd start with coffee and brunch and then hit some antique stores. And then we'll probably need another coffee break. After that we'll go to a fabric store or three. Then maybe a cocktail or two and then a nice dinner with all of our blog friends.
What was the best book you read last year?
Where Is Elmo's Blanket or Domino
What's your biggest accomplishment of 2012?
Staying mentally strong during an extremely challenging time at my office job

Do you like to dance?
Do I like to dance?! I LOVE to dance in fact sometimes I dance to workout. Does anyone do Zumba? I did a Latin Impact class before I got married and it was so much fun. I love to dance to oldies music, Justin Timberlake, that song Rihanna sang at the Grammy's, I love to dance.

Which is your favourite, must read blog?  
That's tough because there are so many that I love. There is one that I visit every day at work for a little break and I really enjoy that 5 minute visit with Nicole from Making It Lovely.

And now for Pam's questions...

What would be the career of your dreams?
Creative Director at House Beautiful

I would eat Top Ramen noodles for a month in order to save up for ___________! Or, I wouldn't eat Top Ramen for anything!
I don't think I'd eat Top Ramen for anything - too many late nights with Top Ramen in college.

Which would you choose for a date with your husband: Candlelight dinner at a nice restaurant or day of hiking in the mountains?
Hiking in the mountains because it's not something we'd normally do.

In which sport or athletic activity would you most like to participate?
volleyball or soccer
What do you wish you were more knowledgeable about?
Computers or politics
Pretend one of your online blogging friends is coming to visit for the weekend, what one thing would you do to your home before she arrived?
Finish the curtains in the dining room and master bedroom
What kind of driver are you (speed demon, rule follower, tickets, fender benders, easy going)?
My husband says I'm a conscientious driver. I also appreciate when other drivers are courteous and thank me when I let them go in front of me or let them make that difficult left. 

It's hard for me to_____________.
Be a passenger (unless I have a book or magazine)
What are your nicknames?
Some people call me by my maiden name (Schlotterbeck) but no other nicknames really.
What is your best quality?
My sense of humor and to make people smile but my humor can come off as sarcastic at times too.

What is your best piece of advice for raising children?
It's going to be hard, but it's also going to be the best thing you've ever done. 

That's a wrap for my Q&A. Thanks again to Carol and Pam for sending these questions my way.

Instead of sending this along to others, I'd like to send a question out to all of you...

If you could repaint any room in your house right now, what room would you repaint and what paint color would you use?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Enjoyed reading this Holly! Have a great weekend!

  2. Fun learning more about you today, Holly! I just repainted, so no changes around here...loving my grey.

  3. So fun to get to know a little more about you through these questions Holly! Now go and drink some coffee and eat some pizza from Tony A's tonight! Have a fab week-end.

  4. So fun to read all the fun facts, have a great weekend!

  5. Holly, it's fun to learn more about you! I would repaint my master bedroom a soft gray, blue (is that any surprise?).

  6. This was such a fun read! Let's see, if I were going to paint a room today it would be my kitchen, and it would be greige. Same color as my back entry :). In fact, I have the color swatches on my kitchen wall for about 6 months, so I really should get on that! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. You're good and practicing patience which is great -you'll be happy with your decision since you've had time to think it through.

  7. This is great--so fun to learn a bit about you! Enjoy sitting down with House Beautiful this'll love it and you probably deserve some "me" time :)


  8. Great getting to know you better, Holly! I have been tagged twice too and better get a head start on my answers. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. How fun that the first time I am on your blog I get to find out so many fun things about you! Thanks for visiting my blog today and for your nice comments :D
    I would definitely paint my living room and it would be a light gray. I am waiting for my husband to go on a surf trip so I can switch out the color, haha ... he helped me tape off all the moldings the last time I painted (last year) and I don't have the heart to tell him I do not like it (I chose a color that matched the drapes which was a mistake - easier to just change the drapes I have decided). So I am saving up my playing money and will have someone come in and change it out quickly (that is my plan anyway). Happy Friday - hope you are enjoying your pizza night. Nice to meet you Holly. xo Sherri

    1. Thanks for visiting Sherri - it's nice to have you stop by!

  10. Loved getting to know a little more about you Holly! I'm with you on being a passenger - I usually drive as a result ;-) If I could paint any room in the house, right now it would be my bedroom - in a soft gray, and the closet doors and bedroom door in a glossy black!

  11. Thanks for playing along, Holly! It's been fun getting to know a different side of everyone! What a trooper answering 2 sets of questions!