Monday, February 20, 2012

Thinking About...Sheets

Do you have a preference in what type of sheets you put on the beds in your home? I suppose there are two general components when choosing sheets: the preferred material and the design/look of the sheet.

I recently picked up a pair of Thomas O'Brien sheets from Target for our master and I'm really happy with them. They are a really nice quality and the thin stripe that I chose looks great with the rest of the fabrics and bedding that I've chosen for our bed. I couldn't find our exact pattern on the Target website. The image below is a Thomas O'Brien sheet set in diamond pattern.

I pinned this image the other night because not only was I admiring the mix of solids that they used for the bedding and headboard paired with that striped bolster fabric, but there's nothing quite like a crisp white bed sheet.

There are so many options available now for white sheets with subtle hints of trim that can bring in a touch of your color palette. Take for instance the image below and the pretty gray pin stripe on the edge of the pillow case. This still would have been a beautiful bedding vignette without the stripe, but that stripe just gives the extra touch of pretty detail to bring the entire look together.

Does anyone know the original source of this image? I had a hard time finding it. Please comment or send me an e-mail if you know as I'd like to give proper credit for this beautiful room.

And this pretty image was part of the Lonny Mag sneak peek...

The print sham with the coordinating blue trim and the white euro sham is really pretty - especially with that killer headboard in the mix as well. This is a nice coordination of color palette that includes a classic white sheet.

I'd love to hear your feedback on your favorite sheets and any tips that you have for coordinating your sheets with your other bedding and pillows - or are you classic white sheets all the way? Do tell...


I hope you had a great weekend. We had a family party and spent some time outside yesterday which was so nice (and the days are getting longer - hooray!) I've cut back a little bit on my blogging which has worked out really well, and I do hope to have a few fun announcements for you soon.  Have a great day and if you're "off" for the day - enjoy!!


  1. Now that our guest bath is starting to come together, our master bedroom is looking blah by comparison and I've been thinking about making some changes in there. Maybe some new bedding...

  2. That second room is gorgeous. I usually stick to plain sheets and then add different duvet, shams and pillows. But, I'm the wrong person to ask because my bedroom is the absolute worst room in the house!

  3. I am SO in the market for new sheets! And that's because at Christmas time we bought a king-size bed - we've had a queen until now, so of course I don't have any bedding to fit. We had a new duvet deliberately purchased for a king knowing we were goal setting for the bed to fit! But sheets, well, we're working with one fill-in set right now, but I have been keeping a keen eye out for a sales so we can buy a nice set or two. I'm still trying to decide on a bed skirt as well...

    I appreciate that you have cut back on your blogging, and am considering the same. I'm having a hard time getting my DIY's finished among other things, so we'll see. I didn't post today, but will be back tomorrow!!!

  4. I'm usually go with plain sheets, but I always buy a cotton sateen. They just seem to be the softest! I look forward to seeing your fun announcements. Your blog is wonderful Holly. Don't worry a thing about cutting back. I did that a few months back and even though the quantity is less, I feel that the quality of my posts is so much greater.
    Take care,

    1. Thanks for your support everyone! And Lori, I agree with you, cutting back has allowed me to hone in on the quality of my posts. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. I prefer patterned sheets because they add a bit of fun under my crisp white duvet cover! The latest ones I bought are purple / eggplant pattern from Tahari

  6. I have to admit that I really don't give too much thought to sheets which is strange given my fabric obsession. I guess since nobody ever sees them they get second rate attention. Can't wait to hear your happy news!

  7. I'm not too concerned with the look of my sheets, but they have to be a nice high thread count and super comfy. I love white sheets with trim. Beautiful examples!

  8. I also have some Thomas O'Brien sheets with a wonderful bold pattern on them--they are a nice surprise when the duvet is turned down, but typically I go for white. What I really wish when I think of sheets is that I had the time and energy to change mine every single day.....getting into bed with fresh sheets is the most luxurious thing in the world!

  9. I've been looking for lots of bedding inspiration recently and these are gorgeous. I love that first one, and since I've been looking for a non-white bedding option; this might be perfect!

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