Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pattern Play - A Boy's Room

Continuing with my guy theme from last week, I wanted to play with a few fabrics that could translate into a boy's room and of course fabrics that would be tolerable for 5 years (is that pushing it?)

When I was doing some research of tween rooms for my e-design project the other day, I came across this shared boys room designed by Yvonne McFadden and thought it was great. The texture of the roman shade, the unique matching wooden beds, the great rug between the beds - a lot of nice features. A relaxed look but still appropriate for boys and neutral enough to take them through this room for years.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

So with this room as my inspiration, I've pulled together a few fabrics that I thought would be something different for a boy's room.

What are your thoughts on using these fabrics in a boys room? The yellow is probably a stretch but I thought it was a nice way to keep it fun depending upon the age of the boys.

Have a good day everyone! The weather here in the Northeast is back and forth - a lot nicer today than the past two days but I think the plants and kids are all confused. Sheila had her heavy coat on yesterday and a lighter coat today - as long as we can get outside I'm okay with that.


  1. Oh, Holly, I'd be in heaven if my teen would go for that room! Your fabric choices would be icing on the cake! Love the lighting, layered rugs and artwork.

    80 degrees in Denver right now, I'm up for spring, not summer! :)

  2. Hey, Holly!! Love that boy's inspiration room! Great combo of fabrics, and yes, I would use any and all of them:) My favorite is definitely that green leaf fabric!

    The weather this week here has been such a let down after last week's summer tease!! I panicked and run out this weekend and bought Maura a ton of spring and summer clothes because I had nothing to put her in last week when it was like 70 degrees, and now I'm worried they'll be too small by the time the warm weather really gets here! (She's in 24 months/2T now because she's so tall, what size is Sheila wearing?)

    Thank you for your input on mom and dad's closet doors! I agree that the mis-matched hardware is a problem in itself and pointed it out right after the room was done, but didn't want to make mom feel too bad about it!!

  3. Our weather has been the pitts since Monday! But, I'm still smiling because we got stuff done when it was good :-) I love the bottom 3 fabrics a lot, and really like the pattern in the yellow one... your inspiration photo is awesome. Very nice...

  4. My twin sons are away at college and one son asked me for a tv in his room....but I suspect if it were in that room he'd be mighty happy! I think boys rooms need to be easy to clean....speaking from years of experience. I have the odd couple so one side was neat and tidy and well the other just downright slovenly.

  5. Very boyish fabric combo, love the plaid and leafy green and that pop of yellow is perfect. The room in the photo is to die for, especially the barley twist beds! Oh this crazy weather....where is Spring?!

  6. Holly,
    Love that inspiration image and love the fabrics you picked out - I don't think that yellow is too much at all! It's funny: my bro-in-law once said he'd never let my sister paint yellow in their house because it's such a girly color, and I was like WHAT? It's not pink, for goodness sake!

  7. Love it Holly! I don't think the yellow is too much if it's used properly. My son who is now 14 has a yellow and white chevron pillow in his room although I doubt very much he's even noticed it since I put it in there 4 months ago:)

  8. Another great scheme, Holly. I like how the yellow fabric and the green one balance out the darker colors and stronger patterns. Any boy would be lucky to have such a great room to grow in.

    Thanks for dropping by. In response to your question about paint, I actually mixed Feather Grey with BM's Blue Haze on a sample board and had my paint store color match it. Thanks for the Feather Grey tip!

    Have a great weekend!