Monday, March 19, 2012

Thinking About...Pinterest

How do you use Pinterest?

Here is how I've used it so far:

~ Collaborate on projects with clients (did you know you can "mention" another Pinterest user and they'll get a notification as to what pin you mentioned them on? For instance, if you commented on a pin that you wanted to bring my attention to, you could say, @Holly Gruszka this is a great way to utilize chalk paint for your buffet)
~ New recipe ideas
~ Inspiration for projects, interiors, client projects

Here are my top two tips for using Pinterest:

~ Always pin from the original source whenever possible (I actually only pin from original source any more and if I can't find it I don't pin it and I started going back through my pins and deleting any that I couldn't link to an original source.)
~ If you are pinning an original project, photo, or file from a blog, make sure you pin from the actual post and not from the blog URL.

Ok, now how have you actually USED Pinterest? Have you made any of those recipes? Or have you taken inspiration from a photo and utilized it for your own project? Or taken those tips and tried them out?

I've had some time to think about all of this, and I started going back through my "Pins" and reviewing what I pinned and thought about why I pinned (a great exercise if you haven't done it).

So today, I'm using my Pins.  I had some fun with a design board - creamy neutrals...

Sources: Fabric, Paint (Benjamin Moore 1479 - Alaskan Huskey), ceramic still life, sofa, LOVE this table, coffee print, ottoman

The sofa, fabric, paint color, and ceramics still life were all on my Pinterest boards.  I added in the other items that you see.

So what are your thoughts on Pinterest? How do you use it?


  1. I use it mostly for ideas, but now I think I have more ideas than I have time to put into use! I love the neutral still life you created. So soothing and simply pretty.

  2. That table is beautiful! I'm trying to go back through some of my pins to find original sources, but it might take me forever! I've also created a board for the "Pins I've Tried." I didn't know about the @ thing...that's great. So many times I see something that I think a friend would like. Now I'll just send them a little "@" message. Thanks.

  3. I use Pinterest for inspiration, and for how-to-do-it help. I also have just started pinning my own projects... I am trying very hard to pin from the original source only, and sometimes that can be extremely difficult. So I think more than ever we all have to try to pin from the original source so this dilemma decreases, and credit goes where credit is due...

  4. Thanks for the tips Holly! I didn't know you could mention someone that way. Also, it's so helpful when people do pin from the post, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has tried to find info only to give up after searching through their blog.

  5. I am a Pinterest junkie, too! I have used it many times to show clients ideas. It's such a great source for inspiration!

  6. I use pinterest mainly for inspiration, but have recently used it for recipes a lot. I need to de-clutter my boards. Love the neutral design.

  7. I have a Pinterest account but need to be more active in using it. It is a great source for inspiration and ideas. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I have used pinterest mostly for decor inspiration and for my blog posts. I have tried some ideas for holiday decorating and plan to try some hair styles out from my board about hair styles! Fun stuff! :) Thanks for the tips on how to use pinterest! Thanks to you, I now know how to embed the images in my post!

  9. I've been using it to plan a baby shower with my sister, to find and try new recipes, and of course to save inspirational photos (I used to save them by coping and pasting them into a document-Pinterest is so much easier than that!). That said, I need to go back and make sure my early pins link directly to the original url. I'm much better about doing that now.

  10. Thanks for all of your feedback on Pinterest - it's interesting how everyone uses it in different ways.

  11. Hey, Holly!! So glad you saw my post about my parent's room! Thank you so much for your interest and ideas, you obviously know what you are talking about:)

    Pinterest is so helpful, its like one of those things that you wonder how you ever got along without! I have been trying to do better at pinning from the original source. I do repin alot, just checking out what the people I'm following are pinning. I've gotten a lot of new recipes that way, just tried one out the other day. Thanks for the tip about mentioning someone, didn't know that. Its also interesting to see what people are pinning from your own blog. What I find somewhat weird though, is that real people I'm friends with on facebook are following me, so its like my real world and blog world are starting to come together! Not sure if I'm ready for that:)

    Thanks also for your comments on Maura's 18 month post. I'm psyched, we discovered she likes cucumbers!! Hey, I'll take veggie at a time. I have been having trouble with like discipline. Whenever I try to talk to her about something serious (or say yell at her not to run into the street when we are outside playing), she just laughs in my face and does it anyways!!! Aaahhh, so frustrating! Have you experienced anything like this yet with Sheila?

  12. I'm going to do the same with my Pinterest account...need to go through and update. Have been trying to pin from original sources for awhile but I'm sure in early days I missed some. It's important that people know where their inspiration in coming from.