Thursday, April 5, 2012

Around Here

Signs of spring are everywhere in the Philly burbs...and not only that but my little Sheila is getting so big and 20 months old (20 months??!! that is more than half way to 2!!)

She loves to eat at her little table that we got her and loves her food.  She housed a container of guacamole the other day - maybe not the whole container but a lot of it.  She's just like her Mommy - salty over sweet.

And outside it's been fun to see color popping up in the yard...

No roses yet but lots and lots of blooms. This rose bush that I photographed above is our healthiest of the bunch. It's a really pretty red-orange when it blooms. 

Lots of tulips - although I love the flower my favorite are the leaves. They're the prettiest shade of green.

And a touch of Easter inside too...

My mother-in-law got me that ceramic bunny a few years ago. And I got the flowers from Whole Foods last Saturday and they still look good as new!

I'm off to Barnes & Noble to relax with some coffee and a magazine before picking up Sheila... 


  1. Happy Easter Holly! Sheila is definitely starting to look more like a 2-year old than a baby. I love tulips and all of the signs of spring right now too. I have a big crab apple tree that's about to burst into big magenta blooms.

  2. she is so cute! you must just smile every time you see her!!
    I am your nest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Happy Easter!

  3. OMG, look at her pigtails!!! Her hair is getting so long. Happy 20 months! We will hit 19 here next week. I keep trying to get Maura to like avocados and she just won't go for them:(

    I remember how Pa is always a bunch of weeks ahead of us in terms of everything starting to bloom. It all looks so pretty!

    Thanks for liking my fern and the rest of the bookcase:) Its so true, Maura's tall enough now to reach a lot more stuff, you are right. I try to leave some non-breakable good looking things out where she can reach them...we don't have a ton of storage here, so I need somewhere to put these things anyways. This way I kill 2 birds with one stone!

  4. Oh my goodness, I could pinch those sweet little cheeks! She is SO adorable, Holly, I don't believe a word of those tantrums you mentioned the other day! Enjoy your coffee and magazine at B & N!

  5. Oh, she's adorable! Love those little pigtails!
    Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. I love when the yard starts to wake up after a long winter and gets all pretty and colorful again :)

  6. Sheila is just adorable! Her pigtails are killing me.

    The signs of spring are gorgeous. Love the colors of the flowers you bought and of course the tulips, probably my favorite sign of spring.

    Enjoy it!

  7. What a precious little sweetie!! Those pigtails are the cutest ever! :)