Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Layout and Elevations for E-Design Client

I'm postponing my usual Wednesday "Pattern Play" post to show you something I've been working on.

If you remember last week I wrote a little bit about an e-design project that I'm working on. It's a shared room for two young girls. My client, Julie, has some really great ideas, one of which is a storage table that will fit in between the two twin beds. You can see my mock up below of the layout for the girls room.

And yes, I draw everything by hand, which is probably crazy with the technology that we have these days and the programs that are available (especially after what Michelle wrote about yesterday with the software that she uses as well) but I really enjoy this part and especially the math involved with drawing and measuring to scale.

Anyway, there are three major zones as you can see. Sleep zone for A, sleep zone for R, and then a work/craft/game area that you can see at the top.

This photo (eek the lighting is horrible) shows you my elevation mock-up that I did for the obtuse wall that you see in the layout. This is the wall where the storage cabinet will go between the beds, and then there is going to be some shelving to display artwork and other Tchochkes.

Lastly, this an elevation of the window wall that I proposed. 

There is one window in the girls room and I'd like to soften it by adding a single panel that could swag to the right. To the left of the window will be the work/craft/game zone. I think a drop leaf table would be great here but it's a matter of finding one that will fit the space nicely.  Shelves hung above the table will allow the girls to store their craft supplies, games, and books, but it will also give them an area to display additional art and accessories.

Fun stuff but still more work to do.  One of the major design components for the room are quilts that are going to be custom made for the girls - more on that soon. I'll continue to share updates with you as things progress.


  1. In my book there's nothing better than hand drawings, Holly! It's almost like looking at someone's writing style. Great layout, so fun following along on your project!

  2. How exciting! I love the ideas for the craft area. A drop leaf is a great idea and space saver! :) I also like to draw out things by hand. I love using the computer for some things, but also like to make the changes right in front of me on paper!

  3. Nice work! This is how I prefer to work the drawings, too. But my elevations are no where near as nice as yours! You have great ideas, and I agree with the comment above, the drop leaf is a fantastic space saving idea! Way to go, Holly :-)

  4. Drafting is my least favourite part of the whole process. I alternate between hand drawing (this is what I was taught back in the olden days when I went to school:) and other software programs. Looking good so far Holly!!!