Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pattern Play - Mixing It Up

Today I thought I'd mix it up again and show you an ottoman two ways (you know like they say in Top Chef - scallops two ways or a potato two ways - options are always good in my book!) I came across this ottoman the other day and really liked the look and of course the functionality. I really like the look of the drawers.

The ottoman paired with a solid or a stripe chair is such a classic combination, so in order to shake things up a bit I chose some fun pillows to give the look a little boost. The large floral is a lot of fun but I'm head over heels for that windowpane check pillow (and it comes in so many fun colors - I'm itching to use this one in a project).

Sources: Ottoman-Safavieh Home, grey chair-Room & Board, striped chair-Arhaus, floral pillow-Etsy seller Woodyliana, purple windowpane pillow-Company C

What combo do you favor?


  1. Those are fantastic ottomans! Kind of handsome and polished. I could see using this on the office side of my basement when I get to it. I absolutely love the floral pattern, I think because it's got all of my favorite colors. The windowpane looks so fresh in lavender! Great stuff, Holly!

  2. I haven't seen those ottomans, I love the function, too! I think I'd pair the floral pillow with...hmmm, both chairs are fabulous, too, it would look nice with either!

  3. That is an awesome ottoman and both chairs are perfect with it. Like Pam , I too am drawn to the bold floral....

  4. I've never seen those ottomans before - they're fab! I love the windowpane check pillow, too. I'm pretty sure I can find a home for it here somewhere :-) My favorite combo though the charcoal chair and the large floral pillow. Anytime there's charcoal or black as a choice, I just seem to go there!

  5. That striped chair is AMAZING! I love it with the bold floral and the ottoman . Great choices :)

  6. Hey, Holly! Just saw your comment on my post and realized I forgot to comment here when I read yours this morning!

    Great finds! I really like both those chairs!!

    I hadn't thought of ikat for my throw pillows! I like it:) Its not exactly red in the rug, more like a rusty, copper, burnt orange kinda color. I am trying to de-redify (is that a word?) our house (as in get rid of a lot of the red), but now that I'm thinking about it, a warm tone (more orangey-brown) pillow could work really well for fall and winter/holidays. I'd still like to get something cooler (greens, blues, greys, could have a bit of yellow in it) for the rest of the time. There are so many pillow options out there now because of etsy that the possibilities are like endless! Thank you for your help:)

  7. I love mixing it up - one never knows what fun combinations will result. I love the striped chair and that pillow is in a gorgeous color.

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