Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mood Board Monday - Seating That Inspires

Sarah picked a great point of inspiration this time around for Mood Board Monday...chairs! All of the chairs that Sarah chose are from Horchow.

I chose the Old Hickory Tannery green leather chair as inspiration for my board...the color, the curvy lines, and the leather were calling to me.

I knew I wanted to creating a seating area within a bedroom for my board. The seating area would act as a spot to read, sip coffee or tea in the mornings, and just an area of relaxation. I wanted the room in general to be very casual but yet romantic and pretty. My vision as a whole for the room is a Breezy Day, Romantic Retreat.

After I chose the chair, I also came across this Magnolia Vine wallpaper by York Wallcoverings. It's beautiful, it has the color palette I was going for, and I knew it would be perfect to define the wall of the seating area.

From there I chose the Marco canopy bed by Oly to mimic the height achieved by the papered seating area wall.

It's funny with these Mood Board Monday boards, I always have a pseudo "client" that I'm designing for but I also tend to lean toward something I'd want to live in myself. I take the main inspiration and find a few other key elements and roll from there. I've found some really wildly talented Etsy sellers recently, so be sure to check out the few that I've sourced below here for more goodies. I love Etsy - it's a great source for original, one-of-a-kind artwork. 

Here are the rest of my sources starting at the top left corner and working clockwise:

Fabric for drapes - John Robshaw for Duralee
Hardware - Overstock
Portrait - Etsy seller Janet Hill (love her work!)
Abstract - Etsy seller Karine Leger (a new-to-me seller who has great pieces of original art)
Oh Darling print - Etsy seller Lorraine Veronica
Basket - Terrain (thought this could be a catch all for colorful scarves, or clutches)
Wallpaper - York Wallcoverings
Side table - Serena & Lily
Chair - Horchow
Magazine rack - Etsy seller Pine & Main
French press (yum) - Zappos
Wardrobe - CB2
White quilt  - West Elm (white bedding is a great investment!)
Green velvet 20" pillow - Crate & Barrel
Fabric - Lee Jofa Groundworks confetti (used as bolster on bed)
Nightstand - Crate & Barrel
Sconce - Shades of Light
Rug - (sorry, need to check on this one)

If you have some time, please visit Pewter + Sage to check out the rest of the boards that have been drafted using chairs as inspiration. I love seeing what everyone has come up with and finding some new fun sources too. 

(Ever hit "publish" by mistake...that's what I just did...oops)

What do you think...could you enjoy a breezy day in this room?  What other words come to mind?


  1. Holly, this is just fabulous! So sophisticated and elegant, yet with a touch of fun. The color combo is perfect and the wallpaper makes the room, a great find. Love the chair too, it was difficult to decide. And yes, I could enjoy a breezy day with the windows opened wide in this lovely room!

  2. Beautiful chair and design, Holly! That wallpaper is gorgeous, and the mix of clean lines with the traditional chairs is one of my favorite elements! I've always loved wallpaper and seeing this makes me think I need some!

  3. Great room! I could move right in. That wallpaper is stunning and I love the drapes!

    House on Rene

  4. Wow, you nailed it with that wall paper! Those chairs are gorgeous, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do with them, but you've created such a gorgeous bedroom! Love it!

  5. The first word that came to mind was elegant, then chic, then classic. And modern. Do you see where I'm heading? You designed such a beautiful, peaceful space, Holly. As always, I love your mix of fabrics and furniture and how seamlessly you make them work together. I always look forward to the Etsy art you highlight as well.

    Gorgeous room. I could spend hours reading with a cup of tea or java (I love that you added a coffee press to the mix!), the windows open and music in the background. (My kids would be sleeping quietly still of course ; )

  6. Great mood board! I love the fabric for the drapes!!

  7. What a sophisticated space. The colors, the mix of modern and classic furnishings, and the brass details make for a beautiful room. You are right, that wallpaper really does work perfectly. Love it. Love it all.

  8. What a great space, and I love the colour scheme. Yes, I could definitely stow away here... all I need is a cup of tea and my stack of magazines. The rest, they say... is history! ;-)

  9. I really like it! The wallpaper does it for me!! And, so do the chairs! This bedroom feels sophisticated to me as well as original. It is refreshing to see a space without the latest and greatest trendy fabrics, furnishings, etc.

  10. Such a great board, Holly! I feel transported back to a different era particularly with the artwork. The drapes are gorgeous and I love the ceiling light fixture. It is great how you have balanced the room with the green. I could see myself curled up in that roomy chair a lot !

  11. Im definitely see the vision with this room! It would look so beautiful. I love the wallpaper and how you showed the drapes hung on the rod on the design board. The way you presented everything on the board really would help the client visualize the end result! I wanted to let you know that I mentioned you on my blog today! :)

  12. Hi, Holly! Sorry I'm so late, but better than never, I guess, right?! I think its so funny that a couple of us used this green leather chair in a bedroom...great minds think alike! Holy moly, that wallpaper is insanely beautiful, I love it!!!! It works perfectly with the chair and something like that would never have crossed my mind in like a million years. This could be one of my favorite mood boards you've ever done...its just so unique. Love the lighting, the drapery fabric, the artwork, the canopy bed (I almost went with one of those for my room too but changed my mind).I love hearing your process...I think we work the same way except that I totally don't have a client in mind, I'm not disciplined enough for that - oops! Thank you so much again for enjoying these MBM parties so much and for being such a big supporter of them!!

  13. Very pretty, Holly! Love the color combo, so classic!

  14. So perfect! I've always thought of a Bergere chair as the perfect chair for a bedroom seating arrangement- or even just one. They are so darn comfortable. Your mood board is very well thought out- I love the wall covering! I hope all is well- looking forward to catching up little by little :)

  15. Beautiful and Timeless Holly. I love the wallpaper you chose, it really adds a touch of romance to the room and it works perfectly with your inspiration chairs. I could definitely see myself being very comfortable in this room.

  16. Yes...I agree with everyone else...the wallpaper is so pretty...I am loving large florals right now!

  17. I adore those chairs, what a great colour!

  18. Well that is a pretty fantastic, mood board. I'd love to have that bedroom. The color palette is perfect -- same as my living room. ;)

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