Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music To My Ears

I have a new favorite phrase:  "I never would have thought of that". That is music to my ears and makes me so happy. To be able to give a person options that they otherwise wouldn't have thought of - that's another reason to add to my list of "why I started my decorating business". I brainstorm every possible solution and provide the best ones (in my opinion) to the client.

I had a presentation meeting tonight for a new client who also happens to be a very good friend of mine. Christina started her own invitation and event planning business and it has really taken off. She recently acquired additional rental space which she uses as a reception area and to meet with clients.

This area functions well, are well organized, and gets some nice natural light. 

Christina asked for my help with that back office there that you see through the doorway. There are multiple mismatched desks, tables, and chairs in that work area and she wanted the space to be cohesive and organized. Budget is small and there are pieces that can certainly be repurposed if we need them to be. We are also not ruling out Craigs List for some great finds as well.

Here is the initial layout that I put together for Christina. I really enjoy doing the layout and learned to draw by hand so that is what you see below.

This plan has already changed a little bit, but at least you get the idea of where I'm headed with this space. My main goal was to not have Christina's back to the door. I wanted her to be able to see right through that doorway (the desks are actually going to be pushed back some and we are ditching those shelves that you see in blue next to the desks). I also wanted to be able to give her a good perspective of the room when she is sitting at her desk, so her desk will sit at the top right there (green rectangles are the desks and placement that I've proposed). This work zone at the top will be a "permanent" type zone meaning that those desks won't move at all. The other work zone is going to be modular or multi-functional - meaning that the desk can either move (and has wheels) or it can be cleared and used as a table for a meeting or lunch.

The music to my ears moment was when Christina saw the "permanent" desk layout I proposed and said "I never would have thought of that". She hadn't thought about having those two desks face each other and have them sit perpendicular to the wall. Because Christina is such a great friend, I know how she is and this girl thinks of every option imaginable no matter what the task may be, so hearing those words from her was such a compliment (thanks CC if you're reading).

And here is my initial design concept board with a few options.

The pink fabric at the top will be for bulletin boards, and the chairs at bottom will be used in a sitting area. Christina recovered the chairs last year to bring them up-to-date. We are most likely not going with the desks you see here but this gives the general idea for what will be used. She likes the idea of having the sitting area and a collapsible table that could expand for meetings or office events. The shelving unit also got nixed (but again giving options).

So there you have it for now - this project is really about making the layout and space function for Christina's office so it's been a good challenge and a great learning experience to really stretch the layout and math muscles more so than the accessories, details, and patterns that you all know that I love (but will bring a little of that in too).


I hope to post the Arts Fest Part 2 later this week along with photos of the paintings we picked up.

Can you believe we're halfway through 2012? 

Have a great day.


  1. {sorry if you get 3 comments, Safari was giving me a hard time}

    Love the layout, I can't wait to start taping it out, buying, building and installing.

    I am listing the rest of the items on Craigslist today (those items I'm not keeping) and will start to move the rest - I think we may have to get at least two new desks before I remove the existing two (otherwise, we'll be stuck with no desks). Maybe just the rolling ones since they are a cinch to put together.

    I am so glad we went to the store to check everything out last night too - because we both got to see different options - LOVE the rolling desk options (also thinking can be used as a conference table if we have a bunch of people around). I think I may pick up a few drawers as well, but the more I look at the Malm with the pull out L-shape wing, the more it's the one. Let's do some hanging shelves above the desks as well (i.e. Ekby Tony or Lack - they just got marked down - but small concern over support on Lack - even Fabian would work).

    Ok, I am done :)

  2. Great job and solutions for the space. I love the pops of color- love those pillows. :)

  3. What an inspiring and functional work space, such fun colors! Great job thinking outside the box, Holly!

  4. Love where you are going with this project Holly! Your friend picked the right girl for help!

  5. The layout is really great, and I like that you have Christina's desk sitting so she's looking toward the doorway, and taking in the whole room. That you thought to place the two desks the way you did is genius! This office is off to a great start!

  6. Aw!! Congrats, Holly! You are doing an amazing job! Must be so cool to work with such a fun friend, and to get a professional office space under your belt too!!

  7. Such great ideas here Holly! Love the layout and the storage options. Can't wait to see how it all comes together! I know she is going to love it and it will make such a difference about how she feels about work.


  8. A great space to organize and decorate at the same time! Well done with the plan, Holly!

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