Thursday, June 28, 2012

Original Artwork

Sorry, I still don't have photos of the artwork we picked up at the Arts Fest (promise to post them soon) but I did want to alert you to the new shop that Amber Alexander opened for her original artwork. It's called Shady Rill. Her work is really beautiful and it's obvious how inspired she is by nature and all of the beauty found throughout.

Either of these landscapes could be used as the start of a great color palette for a living room or office. They would also be really pretty in a master bathroom or a sunroom.

I like to look at pieces of art and think about how it makes me feel. Sometimes I select a piece of art first when doing a design board and allow that piece to tell the story.

This still life of the roses reminds me of our back yard. I try to snip some roses whenever I have a chance to have in our house and admire. 

All photos courtesy of Etsy seller Shady Rill

She's got talent that's for sure and her prices are extremely reasonable. I may just be adding another piece of artwork to our new collection.


On another note, Sarah reminded me about the Etsy post I talked about writing up after all of your feedback. It is on my list of posts to draft, promise (again).

Ok, I'm off to do some reading (new House Beautiful arrived today - woo hoo - but now a long wait until August since it's the combined summer hoo). 


  1. Wow, these are so beautiful! She is very talented. Love the gorgeous colors she uses, so calm and serene.

  2. I have been adding lots of favorites to my Etsy list. I will have to check out Amber's site. I'm in love with the first painting.I love the lightness and brightness in it. Looking forward to your future Etsy post, but in the meantime, have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, these are beautiful Holly! I have one oil painting that my sister did for me and it's so special. Such a great way to add some personality to a room!

  4. These are lovely--thanks so much for the recommendation. I am always looking for affordable original art. What would we do without Etsy?

    Also Holly, I wanted to thank you for leaving such a nice comment on Cottage and Vine about my kitchen reno--so nice of you!


  5. I knew they'd be beautiful, you have such a great eye for art! I definitely need to check her out. Got my HB yesterday, too - hoping for time between my son's tennis matches today! :)

  6. These are beautiful. You really have an eye for art! Can't wait to read your etsy post.

  7. Oh dear, that rose still life is one hundred percent beautiful!! Checking out her shop now!

  8. These are beau-t-ful. Thanks for the intro, i'm heading over to check her site out right now!

  9. These are GORGEOUS! What a lovely shop to profile.

    I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  10. Nice!!! Beautiful work, I looove that top one:) Thanks for the link! You know I'm only giving you a hard time, right?! You are so busy! And you need to enjoy the summer and Sheila:)

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