Friday, June 22, 2012

TGIFiles - Torn Up, Some Matches, and Today

Good Morning! I've got the day off and wanted to do a quick post before I head out again.

Our front steps got torn up.

Nothing major - just tore up the steps and repaved the cement so they were even, up to code, and sturdy. The bottom step had been crumbling for a while - it looked like whoever had patched it last did a bum job so we just decided to get it done and out of the way (and make it safe for all).  I'll show you a photo once they are finished.

And I stopped into a local florist/gift shop the other day, Botanical Expressions. There is a Starbucks across the street which is where I'm at most days during lunch to do design stuff or to read. They had a 20% off sign out front so I popped in to see what I could find. 

They had a bowl full of these pretty matches and they were marked $3.75 (and I would get about 50 cents off with the 20% discount) a great small purchase.

And they look at the pretty color inside too:

$3.00! I'm tempted to go back for more. They are made by HomArt which appears to be a company out of California. Anyone heard of this company or their products before? They've gotten a lot of great press - I want to see more of their products in person.

Have you made any fun small purchases lately? A cozy latte, great magazine, new pack of gum? Little things like that make me quite happy.


I plan on doing a lot of those things today as I celebrate another year in this world. If I'm lucky maybe I'll even get one of these -ooooh how I love a fresh croissant.

Etsy seller Laura Row

I'm headed over to Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie in a little while. I've got my birthday month Anthro coupon to use, so what better day to use it. And tomorrow we are headed out to the Manayunk Arts Fest which is a juried show. I love checking out all of the artists and vendors. I'll try to take some photos too. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Is today your birthday? Mine's tomorrow! We are almost twinkies! And I LOVE the idea of a croissant in the morning to celebrate. My bestie is coming for a brief visit from California and is bringing me SPRINKLES cupcakes - my favorite. YUM! Happy birthday to us!!

  2. ~ HAPPY DAY ~ to one of my favorite people in the blogosphere! You most certainly deserve a croissant AND a little something from Anthro! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Let's see, I just picked up the cutest little blue & white porcelain lamp that now sits on my kitchen countertop. So excited about it - it really is the little things, isn't it? Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Holly! I'm so happy I cam to check out your blog for the first time today! I'm going to sign up to follow it and look forward to reading through your other posts.

    I found out about HomArt last summer when I bought a little dish of theirs that I love. I tried to order more products but you have to get their stuff from retailers that carry it. I think the dish is in this post here:

    It's the little dish with shells painted on it on the table next to the bed. I actually bought a larger one at the same time but when I was rearranging the guest room I dropped something on it and shattered it--rrrrgh! Such a spaz sometimes.

    Happy birthday by the way! Glad we connected!


  5. Happy birthday to you!!!

    I was just reminded again of how fun little matchbooks are, and would so love to have a bowl full. And on the note of tearing up cement, and replacing it... I love the ease with which you are approaching it. Nothing much, right? ;-)

  6. Happy birthday Holly! Hope you've had a great deserve the best! I love matchboxes with real wood matches. I always pick up a couple of boxes whenever I see them in restaurants, but the ones you found are so pretty. Speaking of new, small finds...I usually get chai lattes at Starbucks, but I was at another coffee shop and they had a dirty chai...chai with a shot of espresso. I think it's my new favorite treat!

  7. Happy Birthday, Holly! The color palette on the matchbox is so pretty! Enjoy Manayunk - I remember the art festival!

  8. Another thing in common... a June birthday! Hope yours was terrific!

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