Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 4th

Well you know it was a good week when I'm just getting around to posting about the 4th now. We had a really fun time with neighbors and enjoying the holiday in our town. Lots of random stuff to catch you up on...

We checked out a new coffee shop in town called Feine. They're in a great spot right on the main drag. The shop is in an old Victorian style house with lots of cool details inside. I loved this built-in corner cabinet with vintage coffee grinders.

Sheila loved the activity table that they had set-up for kids.

And another cute table they have set up for guests. All of the tables were made locally and assembled with reclaimed wood. I love that recessed area in the photo below. Since they have a track light highlighting it, I'm hoping that means they're waiting for some art to be installed. 

What I would give for one of these right now (this is from one of my other favorite coffee shops, Chestnut Hill Coffee Co.) This is the BEST latte that I've had in the area hands down. If you're in the area check it out, and if you ever come to visit this is definitely a must do/see/drink.

Ok, back to the 4th...we walked around town. It was hot so we got out early and then went to my MIL's for some swimming.

Last stop in town...to check out the soapbox derby that is held every year on the 4th. It's quite the tradition in the area.

Back to house stuff. Below is one of the pieces of artwork that we picked up at the Manayunk Arts Fest, plein air art by Jeremy Shires. This is a painting of the bridge in Manayunk. These paintings are started and completed in one session, outdoors and on location. His work is really captivating - I must have stood in his tent for at least a half hour looking at all the different pieces of art he had displayed. I was torn between this one and another scene that he had done in Manayunk. The colors are what really drew me to this painting and to his paintings in general.

Instagram filter...

No filter...I have the painting propped up on a dresser in our guest room right now until we hang it. (I have a quick refresher planned for our guest room which I'll show you soon.)

I was browsing his site and I love this one too of the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC. He has some paintings on his website from Italy, Mexico, NY, and Cape Cod. Those were all areas he mentioned that he liked to travel to paint.

I told you this was going to be random...have you seen the new Naturals collection by Robert Allen? These are a few favorites...

And I'll close this post out with this little cutie-batootie...

It's been fun to see how everyone is spending their summer. I'm not rushing summer away at all, but I love the fall and can't wait for a cool day, a sweater, pumpkins, mums, and some coffee/wine (doesn't that sound nice?)

Have a great day!


  1. I love that floral Robert Allen fabric! Gorgeous!

  2. Aww, we haven't seen your cutie for awhile, she looks so grown up sitting at the coffee shop. Your artwork is beautiful, as I knew it would be! Might one of those fabrics being going in your guest room? And, fall...tomorrow wouldn't be too soon for me!

  3. hope you can stop by when you have a free moment to take a peek at my giveaway:

    have a beautiful day!


  4. OMG, I LOVE the painting you guys bought -- so beautiful! I also really love the fabric .... heading over to check that out in more detail :)

  5. I love the fall, too! The colors, sweaters... everything about it! Your sweet little girl looks so cute in those sunglasses. :) And I love the painting you chose. There is such great talent out there for landscape paintings! I have collected some from our travels, too.

  6. Don't you dare say the word "fall", Holly!! Shhhhh, zip it;)

    Glad you guys had a great holiday too. Sheila looks adorable in her little dress. And that latte looks divine!!! I love vanilla lattes:)

    That painting is beautiful!! Going to have check out his Cape Cod stuff, I like his style. Painting outside on location is so hard and so cool!

    Looove both those botanical fabrics too, great finds!

  7. Thanks everyone! Sarah - I thought of you specifically (and my living room client since her family is from there as well) when I saw that Jeremy did some works from Cape Cod. They are really beautiful. If you like them, maybe put it on a wish list or maybe your hubby will give you the go ahead to purchase one. They're even more beautiful in person.

  8. I absolutely love the painting, but the frame is what really caught my eye! It's perfect! Glad you had a great 4th, and yes, I'm feeling you on the heat! No fun.

  9. So many great things in this post! First, your daughter is adorable--She IS a cutie-batootie! Also, I love that fabric. Such beautiful colors, especially that teal in the second one. Your new piece of art is lovely too--what a beautiful bridge. But I have to say, I feel like summer just started--I can't process fall yet! Although I know with the heat back east some relief is in order. Have a great rest of your week!

  10. Oh, how sweet is Sheila?!?!?!!!!!! I can't concentrate on anything else you wrote about! Love those sunnies!

  11. You had me at the vintage coffee grinders! Love them :-) What a great day for all of you. I bet your MIL enjoyed her time with Little Miss Cutie-Batootie. How can you not? Love her ultra cool shades!