Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspired - Color and Pattern

What colors and patterns are on your mind these days?

I was playing around with some fabrics the other day and love the pattern and color combination of these...would be so nice in a bedroom.

{Fabrics: Pink diamond - Duralee; Dots - John Robshaw for Duralee; Paisley - John Robshaw for Duralee}

Imagine the pink diamond fabric on a shapely headboard, the small dotted fabric for a bolster or some small pillows, and the paisley in a balloon valance. Switch out the pink to a solid and you've got a completely different look for the bedroom. 

Or this could even be the start to inspiration for a sophisticated living area to host friends and family.

The small dotted fabric has quickly become one of my favorite small scale fabrics. It's one of the selections in the John Robshaw for Duralee collection and comes in a few different color ways - all of which I love. It's a versatile fabric that can be used in so many different types of looks.

What colors and fabrics have caught your eye this week?


  1. Seriously, Holly! We have like the same brain these days...hold on to your hat...I'm just trying to finish up my next MBM announcement right now (while Maura's napping) and it is hilarious how it parallels this post of yours!! I can't wait for this one, its going to be so fun! Get ready, girl:)

    Love this pattern and color combo - so fresh and fun! You have a talent for putting these kinds of things together!!

  2. Holly, your eye for combining color and pattern is amazing! I always love EVERYTHING you choose, I should just hire you and save myself all the brain damage of indecision! :)

  3. Pretty combo, Holly. I've been debating this dot fabric for curtains in our breakfast area. Still undecided though?!

  4. Holly....I am loving Johns fabric collection for Duralee. Looking for a new project to use some of them on! That pink diamond is also pretty hot!

  5. What a fresh color combo. Why don't I ever consider pink? I love pink. Pairing it with black gives it a masculine edge that even my husband might appreciate.

  6. I love this combo! I love seeing sophisticated combinations for pink. This is so fresh and updated--you have a great eye! I really could look at fabric combos all day...


  7. Really pretty combination! With two boys (well 3 if you count the hubby) there is not too much pink in my home...but I love it in this fabric you chose. Perhaps I need to find a way to work it in somewhere. I just rec'd fabric for my new bedroom stools project from Duralee...see it here
    Love Duralee fabrics...excited to work on the stools this weekend!