Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love This - and Did You Know?

I love this bedding from the Land of Nod fall collection - it's the Midtown Bedding.

The blue pillow could work for a girl's room - but hey Land of Nod, can you do this in a different color? :)

The taxi pillow is also really cool...if you've been reading for a little while you know my love for the city - Philadelphia and New York are my favorites.

And a little did you know...did you know this bedding is designed by Leah Duncan? I've admired Leah's work for some time now, and it was really cool to see her designing some bedding for Land of Nod. I also liked how the catalog featured bits about the artisan (a la West Elm) - nice work Land of Nod.

Here are a few of my favorites from Leah's shop...

a pretty tea towel...

and a fun pillow cover...

She does such nice work. I think the use of lines in Leah's work is really interesting and that you can see that influence in the bedding as well. And I love the modern southwestern vibe going on too. 

What catalog do you love browsing through when it arrives in the mail? Or what's caught your eye recently?

**All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any way for this post  - just thought this stuff was cool and wanted to give earned props. 


  1. Fun finds, Holly! The taxi pillow is great, wonder if detail boy would go for it? I love Leah's work, and hadn't paid much attention to the catalog before.

  2. I actually took a minute to browse through Land of Nod last time it arrived and I was impressed! There was a lot of great stuff for kids for sure, but also a lot that would work in an adult space.
    How cool is that taxi cab pillow?!

  3. I did a lot of shopping on Land of Nod, at one point. Love that b&w cover. I love browsing west elm and design within reach, ballard and dwell, at the moment. A lot of the time it depends on the cover. I wish I had time to join in the mood board get-together.

  4. I really like Leah -- her work is delightful. It's fun and whimsical, yet still modern and classy. And, I like her addition to Land of Nod - so cute!

  5. I'm a lover of the city, too... I've only been to NYC once, but once is definitely not enough! There's just something about the vibe, the collection of things to do, people to see, places to go... that grabs at my heart strings and tugs hard! Leah has some really cool pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm in love with each and every item you posted. I want too many things! I love getting the Sundance Home catalog and lusting after every thing that I could never afford!

  7. I have also been a fan of Leah's since I saw an article about her shop in one of my magazine's! Her work is very creative, so it's great to see it in a major store! I just received my HGTV magazine in the mail today, and I love all of the color ideas! :)

  8. That bedding caught my eye, too! My boys have a loose NYC "theme" in their room, so you know I'm a fan. ;-) But I, too, would love to see it in some additional colors!!

  9. I am loving Land of Nod again. Ashley from Philadelphia re-introduced me. So many great things for adult taste too. Happy weekend Holly!