Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Goodies

I'm sort of on a roll - of trying to get some things in order in our master. At least getting my "stuff" organized - remember my $1.00 yard sale find that I turned into scarf/necklace storage? Still working like a charm...I love being able to see everything at a glance and choose what I need for the day.

That still leaves my earrings and some more small items that I just need to corral and be orderly. I casually strolled into Phantastic Phinds the other day (one of my favorite home consignment shops that I've mentioned a number of times before) and of course walked out with 3 items. 

One of which...this Fire King ceramic dish with pretty gold detail trim. I'll be using it to organize my stuff at the end of the day, but I can easily swap it out for the holidays or company and throw some candy in there. Isn't it great? Made in the USA baby! (Ignore the beast - aka our dresser that I still need to paint. Annie Sloan here I come. I know it will be the LAST thing to happen in this room because I'm dreading painting it so much but it needs to happen)  

**The sweet bird dish was a giveaway I won from Marianne. And that other small dish to the right used to hold my earrings - I picked that up at a street market in New York a while ago. I think it's supposed to be used for sushi to hold soy sauce, but I wanted to use it another way.

And secondly, have you ever seen one of these Melitta ceramic filter cups? (Google them and you'll see multiple links and videos on how it works) I was intrigued and purchased. This is how I'll be using it for now until I can come up with a better way to display my earrings. Big improvement from just throwing them on a tray. Me + coffee anything + jewelry organization = happy camper.

{Does some of your jewelry tell a story? I always like how various pieces remind of you a time, person, or place. The big earrings you see there were purchased by me for me on my birthday this year. Two down from that was a gift for a good friend's wedding that I was in. They're storytellers!}

And all I keep thinking is...gosh, I really need to paint that dresser.

But I'll be happy with my new pieces that keep me a bit more organized. And I will share the third piece that I picked up in another post - I feel like I have so many updates to share.

What's getting you excited around your house these days?


  1. I love your new finds. Those big earrings you bought for yourself are beautiful! Can't wait to see more of your finds.

  2. The white dish is SO pretty, you know I love that gold bead trim! TOO clever, using the coffee filter, your collection is going to look stylish on your newly painted dresser! :) I love seeing your accessories and getting a sense of your fashion style!

  3. I love your jewelry organization - colorful and decorative and organized at the same time. I am big on repurposing items. The cup is adorable!

  4. Love your trays and cup idea for jewelry storage. I have been collecting different items to store and display my jewels and hope to finally finish my antique dresser to hold them all! Sounds like we have similar projects in store...

  5. My jewellery definitely tells a story... I love picking out what to wear by the significance behind the piece. It's so funny how the story bears weight in the potential karma you attach. You know what? With your dresser I bet it's become a bigger job in anticipation than it will be when you tackle it, especially with Annie Sloan paint. I finally rolled up my sleeves the other day on a painting project that's been waiting for almost a year. Seriously - ONE YEAR! And, 4 hours later I'm one coat away from checking it off my 'to do' list. I knew it would be a tedious job, and dreaded the undertaking... But now I'm excited to get it finished up and in place - yes, a reveal to come soon! Go, Holly, go! The dresser is calling you ;-)

  6. Your storage vessels are GORGEOUS! I think organizing is always more fun AND effective when it's beautiful to look at :)

  7. I truly need to organize my jewelry like you have done...so pretty!!!

  8. I just fell hard for that bird dish! So pretty! I love your yard sale find too. What a perfect solution for scarves!

  9. This is a great idea! I love the gold trimmed dish, and you reminded me that I need to get some vessels and organize some of my jewels. I have a lot of jewelry right now because for a short time, I became a stylist for Stella & Dot. They have amazing things, and I love the quality and company, but in the end it just wasn't for me and I let my stylist status lapse. I did amass a great collection of items during that time though, and struggle to keep everything neat and organized. Thanks for the tips and the push to do something about it!