Friday, July 6, 2012

Project Updates

Happy happy Friday my friends. This is the week of all weekends. At least that's what it felt like to me. But I'm glad that another weekend is upon us, which calls for R&R, house stuff, and family time.

I wanted to give you a few quick updates of some ongoing projects that I've been working on. The first is the e-design project that I was working on with Julie for her daughters room. The girls (ages 11 and 9) share a room and Julie needed some ideas on bringing the room together but at the same time keeping it young and fun for the girls.

Julie went right ahead and ordered the bedding that I suggested for both of the beds (you can see a peek of it on the right side of this photo). We went with a white ruffled coverlet for each of the beds and will be jazzing it up with some colorful pillows. Julie also ordered the new chandelier and had that installed (also can be seen at the top of the photo below).

I thought a drop-leaf table would be a great solution for this room. Julie wanted an area where the girls could draw, play games, do homework, crafts - anything you can think of. We eventually went with this table from IKEA and Julie is thrilled with it. 

See how nicely it folds down? So if the girls want to dance, sing, practice their cheerleading they can fold it right down and even put it behind the one bed for extra space. I'm so glad this table worked out for them. I know Julie would like to find some fun chairs for this space, but I think the folding chairs are a great choice for the interim.

She also went ahead and installed the picture ledges above the desk, and added some pieces of artwork and framed photos that the girls love so much. I'm so proud of Julie and the progress she's made already.

Next up are the draperies that are being made out of this fabric for the window you see above...

They're going to be beautiful - I can't wait to see them hung up.

And then I get a quick update from Christina - I'm working with her on sprucing up her office space a bit. I never showed you a "before" shot of the space we're working with - here it goes...

All of the desk areas were pushed up against walls. Christina's desk (the owner) is over to the far left of this photo near that doorway that you see. So if anyone comes through here, all they see are the backs of people. I wanted Christina's work area to be one of the first things they saw - and I wanted her to have a view of all areas of the office. Check out the progress already...

This is a different angle, but you can see how much more cohesive and professional the space looks with these matching desks assembled and set-up. (I think they deserve some champagne, don't you?) And Christina will be able to see incoming traffic and people that are entering her meeting area in the front of the building. I'm thrilled with the progress and so is she. There is still more to be done, but I wanted to show you how this alternative layout makes such a huge difference in workflow.

We'll be adding some fun artwork above the desks, and Christina has a few ideas for displaying paper and ribbons that they use but that can double as color and texture in the space.

There you have it - time for me to order some pizza and get my weekend started.

Have a great weekend - and thank you so much for your kind words on my blogging post. I think everyone agreed what a supportive environment this blogging world has provided. I continue to be inspired by the most creative, talented, amazing people each day. Cheers to all of you and enjoy the weekend!


  1. So fun to see progress on clients' e-designs! Love the fabric for the curtains. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. I love seeing your updates, Holly! The girls' room is coming together so nicely, that Ikea table was brilliant!! I'm sure your friend loves her new office arrangement, it will be so functional for her! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Love the curtain fabric in the girls room and what a great idea that drop leaf table is! Can't wait to see more progression in the office--it's looking so much better already. Have a great weekend--we are having pizza tonight too!

  4. Great updates, Holly. Your fabric choice is great...can't wait to see it in the room!

  5. Yay for updates!!! These spaces are coming along so well, its so cool to see the progress. So amazing how much a small change like the desk position can effect the space in that office!! Love how the girls can put up their drop leaf table to "practice their cheer leading"!!! Classic! And the ledge shelves with all their stuff look so great!

    How was your July 4th with Sheila? We had a fun time! I've got to get back into blogging mode...I was basically unplugged this whole week and it was actually really nice:) Ps. Maura fell out of her crib this morning for the first time!!! Gah!

  6. Holly, the girls' bedroom is really coming along! It must feel great to see it coming together. That Ikea table was our first ever kitchen table when we had our first apartment almost 13 years ago. It's still in our basement and comes up for multiple uses throughout the year. It's definitely a practical, hard-working little piece.

    Looking forward to seeing how the office space comes together, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I hope you had an amazing weekend, Holly!

    I really like how the sister-room is coming together. It's going to be a cheerful, fun space for the girls to enjoy... and what girl doesn't love a chandelier?

    The office space makes way more sense, and that's one I'm dying to see the final reveal on. I just moved my desk around tonight, and am loving how the new position feels. It's amazing what a small change can do...

    You're doing great work all around!