Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toys and Storage

Do you frequent your local bookstore very often? One of our favorite places to go is Barnes & Noble which is right down the street from us. They have a huge children's book section and then another area with this Lego table. The table has 4 soft ottomans that can be moved around the table for seating.

Sheila loves to play at this table and manipulate the blocks into whatever. (She is talented but she did not build the structure you see in this photo - but those are her hands :) I love the inlaid amoeba like storage holes where the kids can throw the Legos for safe keeping. Have you seen one of these before?
And a bigger question - who wants to (or has already done) a DIY of this table? It would be awesome. I'm all about hiding the toys if and whenever possible, but sometimes it's just unavoidable.

I was reading a post by Casey the other day (she's planning their nursery!) and got me thinking about the pieces that I really love and find useful in Sheila's room. Mmmm...tough question but not that tough once I really thought about how we use the room now. We play and do puzzles, read, and sleep. Sheila's room is really small so with all 3 of us in there it can be tight, so we try to make the most of the space.

Those storage cubes that we have in Sheila's room are awesome. They hold lots of stuff - books, diapers, wipes, bags, etc. But now Sheila has actually enjoyed sitting on top of a cube and reading a book - it's really cute. And as you can see we can put books, wipes, night lights on top of the cubes too.
I was playing around with pillows the other day and decided to add this one into Sheila's room...for the time being.

For baby #2, I would probably get a new chair to have in the room. The chair you see here was given to me by my SIL and it's been great, but it's almost 10 years old and not comfortable at all (especially if you are doing a marathon nursing session or up at 3am). Hopefully we'll be in another house by the time #2 comes along and we'll have a bigger room to work with (another issue was size - this glider fit perfectly. A lot of gliders/chairs these days are huge - oh and I would want some sort of little stool or ottoman to put my feet up too. ha!)

Can you tell I've been thinking a lot about our future? And this is probably going to sound crazy, but I've already started thinking about decorating our next home. C'mon I can't be the only one that has done this :)

Ok, that's my brain dump for the day. What's been on your mind?

How do you handle toy storage at your house if you have little ones or have little visitors from time to time?


  1. The only toys I have to deal with now are video games, controllers, and i-phone chargers that get left in outlets all around the house! My favorite way to store all of the above is baskets, baskets, baskets! Use them in every room, and they never fail!

  2. You are not alone. Todd & I talk about retiring to a little beach house not far from here someday and I've all but decorated it in my head (and occasionally on paper). I'm 36 : )

    My son loves that table when we hit B&N, but I don't think I'm up for a carpentry job right now! I am however, all about stowing the toys and multi-purpose furniture that does the job these days. In a fit of nesting, organizing and rearranging after Christmas last year, I lugged my Ikea Hemnes dresser into the living room and loaded it up with the kids' coloring/arts & crafts supplies, games/puzzles and smaller toys. Our Cape isn't huge and we really live in that living room. It's so nice to have a place to tuck stuff away that's easy for them to utilize by themselves and not horrible for me to look at when they're in bed at night.

    Whatever your future holds, it will be beautifully designed!

  3. I was thinking this was ending in an announcement about #2, I even scrolled to the end for it! :) I have the exact toys Laura does, I've always liked baskets, storage ottomans, any kind of cabinet or built-in with doors!

  4. My toy storage days are gone, but 'back in the day' it was definitely multi-functional pieces like your cubes. Kaleigh had a pine toybox with an upholstered lid, so it served as a window seat, too. Now it's been reupholstered and is extra storage for her out-of-season shoes, and is still seating for her pals in her room!

  5. Toy storage is a constant problem, isn't it? Especially those darned stuffed animals. And after a big event like a birthday or Christmas when they make a huge haul. I really like using the shelf cubes, because they hide things, but that become a problem because what they don't see, they don't play with. Sigh. I'm not sure there's a magic formula, unless you had a walk-in closet for toys only. That would be awesome!

    You are not crazy for thinking about decorating your next house. I want bright white walls so bad I can taste it! :)


  6. Lol! Like Pam, I thought there was going to be some big news that you were expecting :)
    The only toy storage I need to be concerned about at my house is for dog toys (darn dogs never pick up after themselves!). I don't have a good solution other than stuff them in a box that I hide in a closet.

  7. Toy storage was an issue in our last house so my hubby built these great wooden boxes on wheels. Unfortunately, it's the same wooden box that my little one ran into last week, which resulted in stitches in his head. I vote for your type of storage, wicker or perhaps something upholstered!

  8. This post came at a great time because our train table just collapsed a week or so ago and we officially got rid of it. I currently have everything in bins/baskets on a bookshelf (I do love baskets) but need to find a new place for the kids to play and build, etc. Not sure what that's going to be yet but contemplating finding a dining table and chopping the legs down to be kid height. Still don't know about storage though. I hope someone will have a great suggestion and solve all our problems!


  9. Our boys are older now and leave big things all over the house like shoes, swim bags, and lacross sticks. No matter how often they are reminded :). When they were little we used lots of baskets. For stuffed animals, we used laundry bags from hold everything. I do love the wooden sewing machine boxes on castors.