Thursday, August 9, 2012

Color Palette

When I find a piece of artwork, a fabric, a photo, a flower, a cup of coffee, a yummy meal - I can't help but wonder about the color palette it could create in a space.

I've got a few fun items to show you in the next few days to inspire an interesting color palette. 

Today's item is a scarf that I had borrowed from my Mom some time ago. I can't even remember when I actually picked it up because I've had it in a box with some other scarves and socks for a while (remember storage is a problem for us - especially on our second floor).

My first thought when I see this is if I ever have a boy, this would be a great color palette for a room someday. But then I also think about what a statement piece it could be over a fireplace or in an entry (excuse the wrinkles by the way).

I see colors of nature - warm orange, emerald green, tree bark brown and then bringing in a powdery blue fall sky and can't forget one of my favorites a midnight blue - even if I don't have a boy someday I will need to use this somewhere or inspiration for someone else's project.

Have you seen photos of framed scarves? That could also be an option too.

Do you ever find your accessories that you wear to mimic colors in your home at all?

(Thanks Mom for the fun inspiration.)


  1. Well if your mom was willing to part with the scarf permanently I would definitely frame it up. It would be stunning as art!

  2. You're right, the colors in the scarf are completely gorgeous - and would translate well into an interior space. I've seen framed scarves and they're beautiful!

  3. I think framing the scarf would be a great idea. What a gorgeous focal point in the room you would have!

  4. You are so right, I see inspirational color palettes everywhere I look! I recently bought a whole pack of paper napkins at Target cause I loved the pattern, but more specifically, the color palette. Was actually thinking of taking a photo of it and trying a new mood board version for Maura's big girl room based on it!! We are so crazy, aren't we?!

    That scarf is so pretty, totally bold, love it:)

  5. What a beautiful scarf--I love the idea of it as inspiration for a boy's room. Such great colors! I also think your idea of framing it is so great--it would look so bold and beautiful in the right space. What a wonderful idea for inspiration!


  6. Wow, you are so right. Those would be the perfect colors for a boy's room.
    I love framed scarves, not just for all the beautiful colors and patterns, but I like that they are a perfect square. That alone sets them apart from a lot of other wall art.

  7. Love that green so much! I do find that my closet is a direct reflection of my home.

  8. I love the color palette and I would totally frame that scarf!! So sorry, Mom, you aren't getting it back! ;-)