Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flower Power

Behold the power of fresh flowers...I picked these up at Whole Foods on Friday for $5.00. It was their Friday special. A dozen roses for $5 is a steal. And they had all different colors too. I really loved this light creamy pink color.

While Sheila was napping today, I started playing around a little bit with things around the house (you know just moving things here and there - you do that too right?). Well I wanted to play around with the roses - they're too pretty not to. I thought they would really spruce up the bathroom nicely. But in reality these would never be able to stay because Sheila is ALL over the place.

This is reality:

Soap and toothbrush holder on the small counter. 

And this is the impact the fresh flowers can make on the bathroom:

Added a candle into this photo below just for some extra color...

It's tough to get good lighting for a photo in this room, but as grainy as these photos are the flowers really up the pretty factor, don't they?

And to catch up on how far this bathroom has come - here is where we originally started back in November 2008:


You should treat yourself to some fresh flowers and place them somewhere unexpected to see how much you might love them in that new spot.  

If we were to survey stylists, I have a hunch that their #1 big impact item to use for a photo shoot would be fresh flowers or a plant - it's for the most part inexpensive and packs a huge punch.

Have you treated yourself to fresh flowers recently? Or have you been able to take some flowers from your garden to place in your home?


My hubby and I are doing so well on our new fitness and diet routine. I've been getting up at 5am to get to the gym by 5:10-5:15. It's early but it works for me. And then Steve's been going at night after Sheila goes to bed. We're eating many more fresh fruits and veggies. It feels really good. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. 5 go girl!!! I love flowers...such a treat!!!

  2. What an elegant statement they made in your bathroom! We had that exact tile when we moved in, along with matching sink, toilet and tub! You win with the wallpaper and curtains! :)

  3. Anything green, changes everything! And believe it or not, you will be able to put flowers near your sink before you know it. They grow up too fast!!! M.

  4. I just composted the last of a few bouquets, and boy do those spots ever look bare now! We really enjoy fresh flowers in the house... Good for you on the diet and health! Funny, my hubs and I have swapped over to homemade smoothies for breakfast, and have been walking every night. It's amazing how much better we feel with just this adjustment to our routine! So worth it!

  5. I usually pick up a couple of bunches every time I go grocery shopping during the wintertime. Spring and summer I can get away with putting what I have in the yard in a couple of vases around the house. I didn't know that WF had Friday flower specials. I'll have to check it out.

  6. Wowzers, that pink bathroom you had on your hands is insane!!! It looks soooo good now!!! Such pretty roses, $5 is a steal:) Too funny, I'm going to post about my bathroom this week too!!

    5am? Ah! You are my hero! Great job on the eating healthier too. Care to share your secrets?

    1. We're just really on the same wavelength with our post topics, aren't we? :) 5am is not easy at all - I will tell you that. But it does feel so good and does give me energy needed to push through the day. This morning was really tough but I made it. I don't really have any secrets other than motivation to fit into my old clothes and just feeling better about the way my clothes fit. I really did miss it though so I've enjoyed getting back into it. The ultimate luxury (if that's even what you want to call it) is having extra time to also do the bike and read one of my magazines - I used to be able to do that in my single days when I was a gym rat.

  7. I sure enjoyed this post Holly - from hearing your success with the early morning workouts and healthy eating (great job!) to seeing that before photo of your bathroom - whoa! The pretty flowers and your simple styling made such a difference - very nice!

    1. Thanks so much Sherri. I've been inspired by so many of you with your projects and your own homes. I've really learned a lot just by doing lots of reading and observing.

  8. Love the roses! I had no idea Whole Foods offered discounts on Fridays like that. I love summertime for all the fresh flowers we can bring in from the yard. I hope next year to have some more from all the plantings we recently did. Love your bathroom redo! So pretty and the roses look beautiful in there! I'm impressed with your gym routine too. I can't remember what the inside of a gym looks like...


  9. Your bathroom has come a long way, Baby! The roses just take it up that extra notch. Wouldn't be wonderful to have fresh roses in the bathroom every week?