Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Enjoying Redd's Wise Words

I love to create and be creative (as you know), so I've been struggling quite a bit in my full-time financial services job in that I'm not in a creative role. I continue to stay positive and read and educate myself as much as possible because one day I will be in a full-time creative role.

Imagine my delight as I was reading Sara Ruffin Costello's review of Miles Redd's "The Big Book of Chic"(available late October 2012) in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend. Not only did Costello give the book a glowing review, but she also shared some inspiring words from Redd...that she got via phone interview with Miles Redd at his request - no emails, texts, or tweets - love him even more.

How to Get Ahead, According to Redd

1. Align yourself with the best people and then absorb everything you can from them.
2. Accept criticism from those you respect - it will make you so much better.
3. Say yes when you're young and no when you're old.
4. Exercise, eat right and sleep.
5. Clothes make the man.
6. Return phone calls and show up.
7. Preserve great beauty with good sense.

I'm going to be cutting out this portion of the article and putting it somewhere I will see it each and every day. I think you can apply these no matter what type of business you are in, but for me reading these words from a successful decorator is even more motivation for me to push ahead. So thank you Sara and Miles for a great article this past weekend.

And I'll leave you with two of my favorite designs by Mr. Miles Redd as seen in Architectural Digest - July 2012. I specifically saved this issue because of this feature.

A thousand times yes, wouldn't you say?

I hope you enjoyed these words as much as I did. 

I've got a busy rest of the week planned that includes a visit to the Philly Magazine Design Home tomorrow night. If photos are allowed I'll try to take a few for you.

**I have not been compensated at all for this post.


  1. Very wise words! I'm LOVING that console table in the living room. Such pretty rooms!

  2. Holly, great post! You're an inspiration, really! It's a great way to stay positive and keep your eye on the 'prize' or 'big picture'. I, too, am in a non-creative role (pt.time) and it kills me at times not to be doing something more creative. I have to remind myself to keep plugging at it. I'm sure I'll be visiting this post when I need to stay positive! :) Enjoy the Philly Design Home....take pics and share pls.!!

  3. Absolutely true words! Isn't it amazing what can happen if you just show up? I've realized lately that showing up is counts even more these days with people's busy schedules. It means a lot more than we realize.

  4. I have the article sitting right here, hadn't had time to read it in its entirety, but did read his list! He's inspiring in many ways!

  5. Don't give up on your dreams, Holly! Those are wise words - simply put but profound and wise. I love the pics you have shared - the blues and greens in one space are always a favorite.

  6. Very inspiring post today Holly! Thank you for sharing. Keep working towards your dream, you'll make it happen I know. Have fun at Philly Home Design this weekend.

  7. Thank you for sharing those wise words, Holly! I just finished reading them out to my husband... His comment, pretty powerful stuff! Love the 2nd AD space a lot! I hope you have a great weekend :-)

  8. I love those spaces ... but I LOVE his words even more. Definitely advice to take to heart! Hope you've had a great weekend. xoxo, Traci

  9. What great words of wisdom! I'm printing these out for me too.

  10. Amazing words of wisdom, and true no matter which industry you're in!

    As a side note, right before Italy I left my semi-creative job for a project manager position, which I'll start this week. I actually was finding that being creative at work left me NO creative energy when I was at home. Weird, right? So I'm looking forward to my non-creative job so that I can focus my efforts more on where I want to be creatively. I hope that makes sense, I'm a little jet lagged and up to early catching up on my reader feed :)