Monday, October 8, 2012

On My Wish List - A Breakfast Nook

I've always wished for a space carved out in the kitchen area for a breakfast nook. I think it's the perfect spot to be creative with architectural details, color, and pattern. It also makes for a convenient sitting area on a Saturday morning while someone is making breakfast and the other is relaxing with coffee and the paper.

I drooled a little when I came across this breakfast area on Houzz designed by Steven Miller Design Studio.

Simple. Bold. Practical. Color. What word comes to your mind when you see this area? 

I also really like how the entire kitchen appears to be neutral and then they reserved a bold statement for this eat-in nook area. How would your eat-in breakfast nook look?

I've been doing some homework for a client and I came across a few fabrics that got my attention - below are my current favorite selections for a dream breakfast nook area.

All of the fabrics are by Robert Allen. I've added in a round table for more interest (notice how the table in the home above has ornate legs - I like that). And then a blush pink pitcher because I've really been loving blush pink with black and you can't go wrong with a glass carafe either.

I am constantly coming back to windowpane fabrics. They are timeless and I think this particular fabric would be really nice on the banquette - pillows in the ikat and the plaid. SOLD.

Here are the exact sources:

Windowpane fabric - Robert Allen
Ikat - Robert Allen
Houndstooth - Robert Allen
Blush pink ceramic pitcher - Etsy seller Joanna Buyert (looks like this pitcher is no longer available)
Table - Jayson Home
Glass carafe - Crate & Barrel

What would you include in your dream breakfast nook?

We had a great weekend. Saturday was beautiful and included trips to a flea market with my Mom and the Morris Arboretum with the family - I hope to post about both later this week. The temps have gotten colder here though so the jackets, hats, and scarves have all come out. Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I think "genius" when I see this little breakfast nook. Who would have thought that a little retreat space like that could fit so cleverly in a tiny corner? We're so used to thinking that we need a large amount of square footage to make a statement, but this is practical, totally useful, and just plain good design! Thanks for showing these photos!

  2. That breakfast nook is beautiful! Love the shape of the back!! Great fabrics:)

    Glad you had a good weekend! We just got back from the pumpkin patch/hayride with Maura. Good times. It is definitely like real fall here now...leaves falling everywhere and cold coming!

  3.'s charming and I love kitchen nooks, but in my opinion doesn't look too practical for kids or spreading out a paper. I like all of your gorgeous fabric choices and table better! And, I really hope Kristen doesn't pop back over to read these comments!:)

    1. Pam, I have to agree with you that the table is a bit small, which is why if it were my nook I'd want/need a bigger table (like the one on my board). I probably should have shown a few other photos of this home from Houzz because it appears as though this opens up to a big great room and this really is just a small nook to sit for a little while. They have a formal dining room as well so this is probably just a bonus. Great point though Pam - thanks for bringing it up.

  4. The word that sticks out to me about that nook is NAILHEAD TRIM...never loses it's cool factor!

  5. That is one amazing nook! The table you chose has a great base and wouldn't it be stunning with a wood top?! Sounds like a busy fun that your Mom enjoys doing the flea market thing!

  6. I love breakfast nooks - the perfect little tuck away to greet the day, relax, and just be... They're the comfort zone in a home!

  7. Oh my, that close-up of the breakfast nook is extra special! Love the fabrics too! I think it's simple and bold and practical.

  8. I adore both of these tables--his and yours! I agree though that yours seems much more practical but if you were just a single guy/gal living in the city, a small bistro table might just work. Plus, the small table doesn't overwhelm that small space. Your table is fantastic though--definitely my favorite. And I love the pop of color in the photo--such a clever way to do it!

    I've been out of the blogging world for a while. I'm catching up and so enjoying it!


  9. THis is on my wish list too!! I love the table you selected. It reminds me of a similar one I saw recently but with a marble top!! I also love the windowpane fabric you selected - would also love to see that on a wingback or some euro shams!!

  10. How funny that so many people commented on the table. As soon as I saw the tighter shot of it, I was in love. That kind of table would be so versatile -- kitchen nook, bedside table, etc. etc. The one you picked it also super cool. I love the more contemporary feel of it. And it would be better for the little ones, no?

  11. GAH! That nook is perfection! Seriously! I really want to turn our dining nook into something like this. Still trying to talk the husband into it. Am definitely showing him this space :)

  12. Must get to RA and check out these fabrics.....LOVE!!! Such a cute area....I wish I could makeover my little breakfast nook:). You have given me a few ideas though....

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