Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Living Room Wall

I realized that I don't think I ever showed you the start to our living room gallery wall. (And holy cow, I can't believe I wrote the original post about this wall almost a year ago!! We've changed up the wall color and the layout of the frames since my first post (and confession - I'm really tired of the window treatments but they will remain for the time being). Here is where we were about a year ago:

And some progress - here is the wall now:

Steve had the Van Gogh print in his old apartment and it's always been a favorite of mine. The birth photo of Sheila is from the hospital - she was wide awake when they took those photos and only a day old. The family sign at the bottom left was a wedding gift from a good friend of ours. And the Live in Awe print is by Katie Daisy.

**Important to keep in mind when doing a grouping like this is the spacing. I tried to stick to 2 inches between the frames, which really does help with the overall look and consistency of the grouping.

I love and have always admired Katie's work. I decided to order one of her holiday prints so that I could switch this one out for a month or so to give the wall a holiday twist.

I know I've said it before, but Katie's prints really are even better in person too.

So there you have it - just a quick switcharoo for the holidays. And that's the only holiday touch we've added so far - I've always liked to wait until December 1st to really decorate.

The long Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful as usual - lots of fun, food, and family - just how we like it.  Hope you had a good one.

(I was not compensated at all by Katie Daisy - just really like her work)


  1. Like the grouping, Holly. Hanging gallery walls intimidate me, but I think doing it one piece at a time (while you collect the art) is not a bad idea.

  2. looks great! and being so personal really adds to the character of your lovely home.
    Have a great week.
    xo Nancy

  3. Very nice! The photo of Sheila is precious!

  4. Love your gallery wall. That picture of Sheila is so darn adorable. I like the 2 inch rule!

  5. A great combination Holly! Love that pic of wide eyed Miss Sheila! I like the curtains... maybe a little yellow chevron elsewhere in the room would help you not be tired of them????

  6. I've always loved Katie's prints, they look with your mix. That is the prettiest newborn baby photo, too! We need a little Sheila fix here and there! :)

  7. The grouping looks really great. I like your mix of pieces, and what's not to love about Sheila's photo - incredible to capture such a bright-eyed shot so soon. I'm curious about your drapes, though. What is it that makes you feel tired of them? The colour, the pattern, the style...?

  8. Oh no! Are you over chevron? :)

    I love your little gallery -- such a great combination of photos!

  9. So pretty Holly and I love that picture of Sheila. So sweet!

  10. It's looking so good, Holly! Love that you are combining different kinds of art (photos, etc.) and frames and yet it still remains cohesive. I gotta learn how to do that!

    I'm so curious too about the curtains, I'm sorry! I'm also wondering..is it the yellow, the pattern?