Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Joy of Christmas

The true joy of Christmas to me is making memories that we will never forget - especially now that Sheila is a little bit older and able to have some fun with the holiday.

Making cookies...

Decorating the tree...

Need some help from Daddy for the high branches...Sheila had so much fun decorating the tree. And very proud of all of her ornament placements.

A ride into the city for brunch at one of our favorite spots, Sabrina's.

And then a family outing over to Czerw's to pick up kielbasa and other Polish delights for Christmas at Mom Mom's. You can't see that well in this photo, but we were in a 3 hour line to get into Czerw's. You can see the sign in the photo below and that's where we started in line.

Family outing to my brother's house...Sheila loves to hang with her cousins.

Our tree on Christmas Eve...

Our attempt at a family photo on Christmas Eve...oh boy.

Writing our note to Santa...

And the magic of Christmas morning. The new wooden blocks from Santa are a big hit :)

It was a great week of vacation and a great Christmas. I hope you enjoyed your time off with your friends and family. Sheila ended up getting a nasty cold after Christmas so that combined with some snow yesterday I've got some cabin fever over here.

I hope to be back to regular blogging come 2013 and I've got some fun projects to update you on as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Checking In and E-Design Update

Hi there - I know I've been so sporadic with my posting. I just haven't been up to it and have been busy, but really just spending a lot of quality time with my family which I think you'll all agree is most important.

I thought I'd show you an update of an e-design that I'm working on...

My client was drawn to most of the fabrics proposed here in the photo that you see, so we're rolling with it. There will be some tweaks and some changes, but this gives you an idea of where we're going. 
Remember my color story post with some inspiration images? This is the same project.

I hope to check back in soon with some recent photos and some Christmas fun that we've had.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fabrics for All Seasons

I've been thinking about how fabrics can be used for the holidays, whether you incorporate a new pillow, table runner, napkin, tree skirt, etc. But then I started to think about how fabrics can be chosen and can work for all seasons, multi-seasonal if you will.

Here are a few of my favorite fabrics that you can incorporate into your home for everyday use, but would also be perfect as a holiday accent as well.

Here's the scoop on the fabrics I chose:

If you've been contemplating bringing in an animal print but are a bit shy to commit this Kravet/Candice Olson fabric is a really nice option. It's durable and has a nice texture to it, but it's subtle - and a neutral that you can incorporate into your home a variety of ways. Imagine how pretty it would be as a pillow nestled atop a red or creamy white throw on a sofa.

The check is a classic. Even a contemporary interior could incorporate a check in the right color

The Madder fabric by John Robshaw for Duralee is the one that I used on the cafe curtains in my kitchen. I love it and very happy with this choice. If time permits, I'd love to use some of my extra fabric to make some placemats or napkins.

I've included this small print John Robshaw/Duralee fabric a number of times on the blog. It's as versatile as the animal print, and small enough to read as an animal print.

The peacock/botanical fabric is a bit of a departure for me but I thought it was beautiful. This fabric could establish a color palette for a space, or it could be that one accent to incorporate into a neutral setting for some interest.

I came across the Lighten Up fabric by Robert Allen  recently while working on a client project. The green is the most versatile and it may not come across as such in this image but it is quite vibrant. It would be a pretty option for a simple cafe curtain or shade.


We were supposed to go get our tree today but it's raining, so I think we are postponing for now. Anyone else still treeless?

Also, our sweet little Sheila just decided not to nap today, open the door to her room, and take her pants and diaper off.  Uh-oh. Wish us luck :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rearranging and Using What You Have

Ever since I read Rene's post about organizing/arranging/decorating the tops of cabinets, I've been fixated on arranging the look on top of our kitchen cabinets. You know how it look, you think about how you want it to look, a month goes by, another month goes by, and then you get an extra 30 minutes and just start rearranging. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Now to back track a bit, we did not have a lot of wiggle room in our budget when we renovated the kitchen. And our cabinets were our biggest expense just the way they are, so adding on any type of details or extra storage components above the cabinets was not an option. So we figured we'd take advantage of some extra space and store some things up there.

Here is a before:

This turned out to be a great place to store some of the growlers that my husband has collected as well as to be able to display some more delicate pieces that are meaningful (and not within 2-year-old reach).

Ok, so points to me for at least keeping to a glass type of theme here. The mix of colors between the brown growlers and the clear glass was driving me a little crazy. So I rearranged a little bit...

Quick fixes that make an impact and don't cost anything are right up my alley.

Have you done any rearranging lately?  

Speaking of quick fixes, I was over at a client's house last week and wait until you see the improvement we made with just a quick switch of a few things. Pictures to come soon.