Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Love: Have Baby Will Travel

*I switched my series name to Baby Love instead of Oh Baby. Mostly because I love the song "Baby Love" by the Supremes and I thought it sounded a little better too.

You've probably done some traveling - even if it's not across the country or across the globe - you've ventured out of your hometown and have fond memories of certain trips. Or maybe a certain town captured your heart. It might even just be taking pride in your own city or state.

A fun way to personalize a nursery is to include artwork, prints, or photos from your travels that hold special memories.

I know I've mentioned it on the blog before, but I love New York. I love the quick pace, the high energy, the sights, the sounds - everything. I don't get up there nearly enough.

Look at all of the fun colors you could pull from this print...

I took both of these photos at the Atlantis about 5 years ago - both of these would be a nice addition to a nursery with the right frame.

Can you tell I like to think outside the box? I love the way the green netting pops against the sand and the lifeguard stand and how it's hanging effortlessly.

And the pop of pink and green in the tropical flowers below would be so pretty in a little girls room.

I'm thinking color palettes and using a piece of art or a photo to create a color palette, but also making the room personal.

I lucked out this weekend and got this national park poster calendar for $7.00 at Barnes & Noble on clearance. How about some emerald green in a little boys room?

Or some pink and purple in a girls room...

The other great thing about travel posters or photos is that hopefully they have some longevity in a youngster's room.

What are your thoughts on adding this type of element into a nursery?


  1. Love this element! I so want to add some 'vienna' photos to my daughter's room. While we were there, I didn't find any that I really liked (and that were in my price range). But, your post has me set to try to search again!! BTW, I love the beach photo you took!

  2. Being a huge fan of the National Parks, I am loving those. Photos of travels prior to baby are fabulous too. What is happening in your nursery Holly???!!!

  3. I always love your not-so-typical art choices, Holly! Any of these would be a fun starting point for a nursery! We need to meet up in NYC someday! :)

  4. So much great inspiration! I love the idea of bringing in your own personal photos into your baby's room -- and I really love that photo of the life guard stand. The colors are gorgeous. And, I'm with Cathy -- I love national parks and those posters are fantastic :)

  5. Oooh, I'm going to like this series, Holly!!! That calendar of park posters is fantastic!!! What a great find. Those could be framed and hung in any room, but super cute in a nursery:)

  6. I was out thrifting today and came across the very crib and highchair that I had! The crib would be outlawed today - it was a wooden fold-up crib with a bunny painted on it, and the highchair would fall into the same outlaw code. Funny what things pop up that bring back moments and memories! I love the direction of your art choices - they are sure to shape memories for a lifetime! Awesome!!!

  7. My boys' room has a loose New York City theme. I love NYC sooooo much, and my husband was born there (and his parents still live about 20 minutes outside the city), so it totally fit!

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