Thursday, January 17, 2013

Color Correction - Our Bathroom

At the end of the summer, I had posted about the color correction that we made to our kitchen.

Today I'm keeping it real and telling you the tale of our bathroom - our only full bathroom.

When we bought our house, the bathroom looked like, pink, and more pink. And don't forget the wooden accordion door that you can see at the right of the photo below. Sweet!

We had someone come in and renovate the bathroom for us prior to moving in. We changed out everything but the tub: new floors, new toilet, rip down the tile and put up drywall and new lighting. We also replaced the sink with the cabinet and moved the pedestal sink above down to the half bath in the basement.

Here is where we were at the end of the renovation. 

Nice and clean, but we lacked storage and the blinds had seen better days.

I had picked up this shelf below with the intent of using it in the bathroom and it has worked for us. It's not too deep and it has multiple shelves for placing everyday items and a few colorful accessories.

But then I picked a fabric, that I thought would look okay as a valance to disguise the top of the old blinds. I'm here today to admit that this color combination does not work, and here is why:

For starters, if I had known then what I know now as far as having a plan for a room, I would have been in much better shape with this color palette (instead of just choosing things willy nilly).

What do I mean by that? It may be difficult to tell in this photo, but the yellow and greys found in the fabric on the valance are dirty compared to the paint color on the walls and the paint color on the shelf. If I had chosen the fabric first prior to doing the renovations, then my paint color that I chose should also have a green/yellow undertone to it to muddy it up a bit. Does that make sense?

Believe me when I say that my eye has come a loooooooong way when looking at color. It really takes practice and a lot of reading and analyzing to really train the eye. And believe me when I say I still have a lot to learn as well, but hopefully this small lesson will help someone.

So yes this is driving me crazy, and yes it has taken me this long to correct the problem. 

What you can't see is that we had some water damage that leaked into the bathroom ceiling and we need to have the bathroom repainted. Since we need to have the bathroom repainted, I'm taking this as an opportunity to redo things if you will.

Here is what we will be updating:
- paint color
- fabric for the valance
- new blinds

I'll share those decisions with you in a future post.

Now it's your turn, I'd love to hear any color correction tales that you may have from places you have lived.


  1. Such a good point, Holly. Color is so tough and it does get easier with practice. My mistakes have come with the undertones of paint colors. When we first moved into our house, we painted my oldest daughter's room yellow. It was beautiful during the day and dreadful at night. Lesson learned. Always look at a color in all forms of light before you paint!
    Take care,

  2. Wow, that room has come a long way! I'm glad there's a silver lining on your leaky'll get to choose a new color!

  3. Well hello pink bathroom! So hilariously retro! :)

    You make a very good point and it really is hard to notice how muddy colors are unless you've had practice. I'm excited to see your updates! :)

  4. Holly, we had that exact pink and maroon tile and floor plan flipped!! It will be fun to compare your new paint choice with this one!

  5. Holly, I'm looking forward to your new choices. I must say though, your bathroom now sure looks better than it did before you tackled the remodel. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. I feel your pain, Holly! I repainted my living room a couple of years ago and it's still just not working for me. Now that I've done at least one space in my home with a plan and have been training my eye through my school projects I can safely say it's all wrong for the light the room receives. I am daunted at the thought of repainting the whole space though. In the meantime, I can't wait to see your color-correction.

    Thanks for the honest post! We're all a work in progress!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I have a lot of these "if I had thought of the big picture sooner" moments. you are not alone. Good luck on your re-remodel. :-)

  8. Love your confession Holly! I too have had many of these and really there is no better way to learn than to make a mistake. You sound like me in that your home has been your testing ground. The dirty/clean combination and the whole undertone thing has been eye-opening for me. My dirty secret (although not so much of a secret since I have blogged about it repeatedly) is our living room where color is truly naked for some reason. I have painted it probably 7-8 times in 4 years but it has been the best color education! Also, when budgets are a concern, doing things willy nilly is sometimes all we've got! Looking forward to seeing your updates.


  9. I have started to see the dirty and clean colors as well while looking around. Good eye! Excited to see the new look!

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  11. We are in the planning stages of our reno and our bathroom layout is the exact same- with dusty blue tile instead of the pink :) We have a six-panel door that swings inward and takes up a lot of space that could be used for the vanity but don't have the option of a pocket door due to the bedroom closet it would disrupt. What did you do with the accordion door?

    1. Great question! We actually had enough clearance that we were able to add a new door and do away with the accordian door. It was tight but it worked. Good luck with your project!

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