Friday, January 25, 2013

How I Find New Etsy Favorites

I thought I'd show you my quick tip on how to find new Etsy favorites.

I may be browsing a vendor I've bought from in the past or I might go back to the same vendor in my Favorites over and over because I love their work, and when I want to discover perhaps a similar style product or a similar aesthetic I'll click on that vendor's "Favorites".

Here's an example...I had bought a beautiful vase from Taylor Ceramics before the holidays. I loved Cara's work so much that I wanted to browse to see what some of her favorites are (maybe something might spark my interest too).

All you need to do is go to the vendor's side bar and click on the "Favorites" link. Favorites may or may not be marked as private, but I find a lot of people to have their Favorites public so it's always worth a browse.

**One other tip, I always read feedback before making a purchase. I've never had a bad experience with any of my Etsy purchases (over 30 at this point), but I always like to read what others are saying as well and what products have been purchased. 

**And fantastic news, Etsy has added a search functionality to the user's favorite items list but I don't see one for favorite shops. But it's a great enhancement that I'm very happy about (especially since I save lots of pillows)

I'd love to hear your experience with Etsy and how you navigate the site.

Have a great weekend! We've got a busy one ahead.


  1. Wow, you sure have "Etsy experience!" I browse by rarely purchase, so your tip about reading the feedback is helpful and may change me into more of a buyer. I did just make a local purchase from an Etsy vendor and I am on my way to pick it up this morning, gifts for my daughter's host family in Chile! I'll keep you posted...

  2. Holly,
    I LOVE this tip! Thanks for sharing it. I never thought to do this and I source accessories and pillows on E for almost every design plan I put together! Thank you and Happy Friday! M.

  3. Great tip, Holly! I've only purchased a few prints from Etsy, but I always love your unique finds! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great tip, Holly! I had no idea you could check out the seller's favorites, thanks so much!!! What did we ever do before etsy?! Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  5. Great ideas! I love to add shops to my favorites, but when I'm looking for specifics and I know their shop is huge, I just favorite the one item. I will definitely try what you suggested and try their favorites, too! Don't you just love etsy?!?

  6. **Update to this** Now you must go into the shop profile and then click on the owner's favorites which should still be on the left navigation bar.