Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Living Room Refresher

Sometimes a room just needs a freshening up - new pillows, a different layout arrangement, some new framed art - a few things to make the room feel updated.

Remember this client with the great pieces of furniture that she had gotten?

Because we were keeping the existing area rug, wood floors, and working with the wood tones found in her furnishings, the walls have already gotten painted (SW6182 Ethereal White that you can see in the photo below) and now we're in the process of making some decisions for reupholstery fabrics and pillows. She is going to get the chair above and the larger wingback chair that currently has the same yellow fabric reupholstered. I really like all of the warm tones in her existing rug, but I also wanted to bring out some of that blue that you can see in there as well.

I don't have a larger photo of her sofa, but this is a photo I had taken that will give you an idea.

The sofa is Bernhardt that she had gotten at HomeGoods for a steal a few years ago. It's got a nice shape and a really great neutral fabric, BUT it had too many big blah pillows. We had already removed a few of the pillows in the photo above and it made a world of difference - a FREE update! By removing some of the pillows, we created a sleeker profile of the sofa and now we're going to bring in some fun pattern. As you can see we already started playing around with some pattern.

We also saw this fabric at the Philly Magazine show house back in September that my client really liked as well, so we're including a smaller animal type fabric into the scheme.

And in addition to the update in fabrics, my client also was fortunate to pick up these really cool etching prints from a local printer that she works with. They are mostly all local scenes that were originally done my Salvatore Pinto, a well known local artist from the early to mid 20th century. This one below happens to be a New York scene with the Statue of Liberty there to the left, but you get the idea of how cool these are and how great they will look framed and hung gallery style in her living room.

And below is the fabric scheme I've proposed...

**Side note - I just started working in Power Point for doing my design boards and it is awesome. I learned some handy new shortcuts and really liking the ease and simplicity of it all. I'm also able to manipulate sizes and looks much easier than I was before in Olioboard. I see another post coming regarding design board construction.

The fabrics at the top left and top right are for each of the chairs. The top left is for the accent chair you saw at the very top of the post and the top right is for the wingback chair - this isn't the final fabric but it's a consideration.  

The fabrics below that are what I've proposed for the pillows on the sofa. My client really liked the idea of having bolsters at either end of the sofa, so we've repeated the accent chair fabric for the bolsters and then mixed in some more pattern for the other pillows. It's going to be quite fabulous.

Two posts already this week - woo hoo! It feels good to be back.


  1. Ha! I have two bolster pillows that came with my sofa in a print exactly like you've shown, I haven't used them in awhile but this inspires me to freshen things up and get them out! Those etched prints are my favorite, what a pretty statement they'll make!

  2. Absolutely love what you've done here. As always, your fabric choices are excellent, and I love how you're adding color with the pillow trim and the love pillow. Also like the addition of some sparkle with the accent chair pillow!

  3. Very nice, Holly! I'd love to hear more about your design boards using Power Point - that's not something I've used, never even thought of it. I always feel a bit behind in regards to all the tech-y stuff!

  4. I LOVE the design board. It's so simple and elegant, but the patterns of all the fabric make it so interesting! And, I just adore the red pillow :)

  5. Wow Holly! This looks amazing and I can't wait to see more. Also so intrigued by the Power Point design board. I feel like I'm just getting used to Olioboard but would love to hear more...


  6. You go girl, this looks awesome, love that little leopard print and the artwork. This space is really going to look great. And PLEASE do a post on how to use Power Point for design boards, I need some help!!!!

  7. Love your fabric selections. How lucky to have those drawings. Those will makeup a fabulous gallery wall. I use Keynote on MAC for design boards. It's been so long since I used a PC, but isn't Keynote the Mac equivalent to Power Point?

  8. Andrea is right. Keynote is the Mac equivalent of Power Point. I'm so new to Mac that I didn't even know that.

  9. Holly, I love how your fabric choices look so sophisticated and serene. Very nice. I used to use power-point, but now I use adobe illustrator. Both are great!!

  10. I love the palette and the fabric selections, Holly! I think you are going to have one very happy client :-)

  11. I use a Mac but also use Powerpoint for presentations! Perhaps I should check out Keynote ... but now I'm interested in the shortcuts you like. There is always more to learn!

    I love what you are working with; can't wait to see the end result!