Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh Baby

Because there are way too many cute items to include in a nursery, I decided to start a weekly column to show you some of the items that I've found. And maybe I'll share a tip or two about building a nursery (see below ;)

Below is an art print I just found on Etsy...perfect for a gender neutral room. Something about a mommy or daddy elephant with their baby is way too cute, and I like the color palette going on here. It's not too cutesy but still bright and happy.

Etsy seller Malathip

TIP: If you're just getting started on planning a nursery and not sure where to start, take your favorite item that you've already purchased - a blanket, an outfit, a piece of art, a toy - and use that as inspiration for the color palette for the room. 


  1. Cute print...love colors and the elephants!

  2. Have I mentioned how much fun this is going to be?!!! :) That is adorable ~ great colors!

  3. Holly, I like this idea of a weekly column! I still can't believe your pregnant - such great news!!