Monday, February 18, 2013

My Big Girl's Room

I wanted to show you my ideas that I've put together for Sheila's next room. 

You guys...I'm in love with  this and I hope Sheila will be too. I actually put a few of the fabric samples out on the floor yesterday and then Sheila came over and wanted to play around with them too (my assistant in the making?!)

Realization has kicked in that she's not going to be in the crib forever - although she still sleeps so well in it BUT we're going to need it for the baby and it will be good to get Sheila into a real bed (and she's getting so tall that she'll outgrow the crib before we know it anyway). So that's when I started thinking about her next room.

This is the photo that started it all...a soft, feminine powdery blue paired with the prettiest blush pink. 

And then this fabric memo arrived the other day and it couldn't be more's youthful, playful, colorful, and brings in some touches of nature. Perfect for my little girl (and I'm SO curious whether she will be my only girl or not).

And here is the rest of my inspiration board for her room...

All fabrics are Duralee, pillow by Hable Construction, "You are so Loved" print by the Wheatfield, inspirational wedding image Southern Weddings, original painting by Angela Moulton, Onward & Upward print by Girl From Blue Skies, Bear archival print by Amber Alexander, Paint colors are Bashful by Benjamin Moore and Glass Slipper also by Benjamin Moore

I can't wait to get started on this. 

**Everything went great at our 20 week ultrasound - this baby is an active little one and the baby is already measuring a week ahead lengthwise which isn't surprising since Sheila is very tall for her age as well. I can't believe I'm already half-way through this pregnancy.

Tomorrow I'll be back with some fun news. Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Good news on the ultrasound Holly! Loving your inspiration fabric and ideas for Sheila's big girl room, it will be perfect!

  2. Holly!! I'm in love with it too!! That botanical Thomas Paul fabric is amazing, the color palette is so soft and lovely and sophisticated. What are you going to use the little arrow/triangle fabric for? This room is going to be beautiful!! Maura is still fine in her crib too, but we are like you, wanting to use it for the next baby. Considering keeping her in it until the last minute, since the baby can sleep in our room/pack n play for the first few months, right? I'm dreading the transition to big girl bed, that's why I'm putting it off!!!

    Owe you an email:)

  3. That ice cream photo is adorable, and of course, you'd find the perfect fabric! What a great time to give Sheila her special big-girl room!

  4. Wow- this will be a gorgeous room to grow up in! I love the soft color palette. Congratulations on the great ultrasound. How excitign! Looking forward to your good news tomorrow, too! :)

  5. The colour palette is so dreamy and pretty. I think it's perfect for a big girl bedroom, and one that Sheila won't outgrow too quickly. Lucky little assistant you have :-)

  6. Holly this is so beautiful! Such a soft sweet palette but not babyish. And that fabric is gorgeous! I can't wait to see this all come together. I've been thinking a lot lately about Becky's big girl bedroom since she will probably move out of the crib in the next year (she and Sheila are the same age right? 2 and 1/2?) and had been thinking richer colors but this inspiration board has me rethinking that...So beautiful!


  7. This room is so so sweet - perfect for a little girl and I think it'll easily grow with her. I love that nature painting - so beautiful!

    And, I'm so glad that everything went well during your ultrasound! :)

  8. That's going to be the sweetest little room there ever was! I am in love with those colors. What a great inspiration photo too. So glad your ultrasound went well. I bet you're getting excited!

  9. Holly, this is going to be such a perfect room for a little girl - I love that you have picked pink and blue - and hints of them - they will play off each other because they are of the same strength. Love the artwork you have picked, too and I am excited to see how you use the fabric.

  10. Love the feel and color sheme of this inspiration board!! Will love to see the final result. Also, congrats on the pregnancy and a quick house sale!