Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spending Freeze

I put myself on a spending freeze. I'm not really a big spender to begin with (maybe my husband would disagree) - I maybe buy myself new clothes and a pair of new shoes a few times a year but nothing crazy. And as far as for the home, I'll buy small things here and there that really appeal to me. That's important to buy what you really love. And in our current home we never really had a ton of space for more furniture so we just used what we had for the most part and never really bought much more.

I've been waiting to move to a new house, a bigger house, in order to really start purchasing bigger items that we'll have for a while. And to be honest, I certainly have certain items on my wish list (a new sofa, new chairs, a coffee table) but I want to wait to see where our next home is going to be and what it's going to look like and how we're going to live in it to really start thinking about a plan.

So while I really want a new sofa, I'm waiting very patiently to see where that next house is going to be and what our floor plan is going to look like. Sheila is also going to need a bed, so we'll have to get that going as soon as we move as well (because the new baby will use her crib eventually). And I'll also be shopping consignment stores, yard sales, and hopefully check out an auction or two to find some good bargains on old, well-made furniture. And, oh yeah, we're going to have a new baby ;)

I figured it was a good idea to start brainstorming shapes and styles that I like, so here are a few things that I have been admiring...and I couldn't leave out a few fabrics that I've saved as "favorites" to maybe use at some point.

Carlisle sofa has always been a favorite of mine from Pottery Barn. It's got a nice English roll arm and I like this style with the tight back, but it can also be slip-covered which I'm going to consider too.

I really like the shape of this chair from West Elm.

You can't beat the value of this IKEA Ektorp sofa with chaise. Ever since we cleared out the basement, we've been spending more time down there playing and on the computer. We always talk about how nice it would be to have a sofa or chairs down there for the adults to relax in while Sheila plays.

This cute side table is a great value from Target and a piece that can be moved all over the house when needed. I know I've seen it in the stores but quantities must be limited as I can't find it online any more.

And a storage ottoman...must have some sort of storage ottoman to store toys and books. Great for entertaining and holidays and great when you need to throw all the toys and books in at the end of the day. (leather ottoman is from Ballard and the striped ottoman is from Safavieh)

And those dreamy fabrics...those are all Robert Allen.  The trim is Kravet.

I still get myself a coffee treat, but the big items will have to wait a while.

We're going to look at a house tomorrow - fingers crossed!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Finding Home

Well it's been a few weeks since I posted, hasn't it? I wish I could say I have good news about our house hunt but I don't. I don't have bad news either. We just haven't found a house yet. And I haven't been inspired to blog at all, but I felt inspired tonight.

We did have a few close calls. An offer here that got beat and a house there that we stepped into, fell in love with, and then found out 10 minutes after leaving it that an offer had already been accepted with several other offers already made as well. Complete bummers but we're still hopeful.

This whole experience has made me realize that the biggest thing is that we have a roof somewhere wherever that may be with my family that I love more than anything. They are home.

I've also been inspired by a few things I've read recently about people who took a big leap of faith and wound up finding home. Their home just happened to be New York City but I could still relate and find comfort in some aspect of each these stories (remember my love and fascination with New York? I've got an entire Pinterest board dedicated to NYC - whenever I get the chance to visit again.

Ann Hood recalls her first apartment in New York and her experiences floating from one apartment to the next. I thought it was interesting how her less than ideal living conditions helped her discover what she wanted in a home.

I had a good mail day last week...

My First New York is a series of quick stories on people who took the leap and headed into New York for the first time. From Yogi Berra to Nora Ephron, Liza Minelli to Maggie Gyllenhaal - it's neat to read the thoughts and experiences that shaped all of the people featured in the book.

Pregnancy-wise I've been feeling great. I'm exactly 25 weeks today which is nuts-o. It's going really fast. Emotionally the house hunt has been tough (with added hormones thrown into the mix) but I've been able to handle everything well so far. I had no intentions of posting any type of belly shot, but today is your lucky day friends...this was taken over the weekend (don't mind the bath towel thrown over the shower - that's how we roll around here).

And that's the belly disguised in one of my comfy outfits that I wear a lot. Black pants from Target that are so incredibly comfortable and a black long-sleeved shirt from Gap that I had gotten a few years ago.

So hopefully I'll have a *good* house update soon - let's hope :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bathroom Updates

First I want thank all of you for your kind and supportive comments on my last post about our big move. It is a thrilling time for us that's for sure and I'll try to keep you updated on the house hunt.

Prior to placing our house on the market, we needed to update the valance in our bathroom and in addition to that our bathroom had to get repainted.

Here's a photo collage I put together of the various stages of our bathroom:

The bathroom was pink when we first bought our house. And then I posted about my color correction a month or two ago, which led us to our current state which is that last photo there on the right which was taken by our realtor.

We had our bathroom painted BM Stratton Blue and I replaced the valance with the striped fabric below that was on clearance at Calico Corners (it doesn't appear to be available any more but this is a similar fabric in a different color way). The goal here was to spend as little money as possible.

Other things we did to make sure the bathroom was in tip top shape prior to listing:

- Instead of hanging the two pieces of artwork above, I ended up standing the two pieces on the top ledge of the yellow shelf to add some height.

- I also de-cluttered the shelves of any extra items that didn't need to be out in the open (edit, edit, edit)

- I made sure we used all freshly washed white towels and that they were neatly folded on the towel bars.

The paint color isn't that much of a change from our previous color (BM Feather Grey) but switching out the valance was key to make the color palette look cohesive in here and easy on potential buyers eyes.


What do you have planned for the weekend? We will be looking at houses bright and early tomorrow morning - wish us luck!