Friday, March 1, 2013

Bathroom Updates

First I want thank all of you for your kind and supportive comments on my last post about our big move. It is a thrilling time for us that's for sure and I'll try to keep you updated on the house hunt.

Prior to placing our house on the market, we needed to update the valance in our bathroom and in addition to that our bathroom had to get repainted.

Here's a photo collage I put together of the various stages of our bathroom:

The bathroom was pink when we first bought our house. And then I posted about my color correction a month or two ago, which led us to our current state which is that last photo there on the right which was taken by our realtor.

We had our bathroom painted BM Stratton Blue and I replaced the valance with the striped fabric below that was on clearance at Calico Corners (it doesn't appear to be available any more but this is a similar fabric in a different color way). The goal here was to spend as little money as possible.

Other things we did to make sure the bathroom was in tip top shape prior to listing:

- Instead of hanging the two pieces of artwork above, I ended up standing the two pieces on the top ledge of the yellow shelf to add some height.

- I also de-cluttered the shelves of any extra items that didn't need to be out in the open (edit, edit, edit)

- I made sure we used all freshly washed white towels and that they were neatly folded on the towel bars.

The paint color isn't that much of a change from our previous color (BM Feather Grey) but switching out the valance was key to make the color palette look cohesive in here and easy on potential buyers eyes.


What do you have planned for the weekend? We will be looking at houses bright and early tomorrow morning - wish us luck!


  1. I hope you find an amazing house as quickly as you sold your current one!!! Congratulations!! I'm sure I, too, would have a 3 am freak-out or two, but the important thing is that these are all good and exciting changes ... so yay for that!!!

  2. The bathroom looks great and I just love the striped valance. Why oh why do we always get things just right when it's time to move? ;) Excited for you, have fun house hunting, I always enjoyed that part of the process!

  3. The bathroom looks fantastic! The paint update is subtle, but I completely see the difference. And, I really like the updated valance.

    Good luck house shopping this weekend!

  4. Looks great, Holly! Its come such a long way, wow!! So exciting, have fun house hunting this weekend. Hope Sheila finds something she loves:)

  5. Sending good house hunting vibes your way ~ have fun!! :)

  6. What an improvement from bright pink! I love that little yellow shelf too xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  7. So many great things happening, Holly! I wish you all the luck - very exciting. I love Stratton Blue - I have used it for a couple of clients and it is always a winner. Well, you will now have a whole new house to look forward to decorating - in time, of course!

  8. Hi Holly, catching up on some blog reading! Hope the house hunting is going well!! I like what you did with your bathroom, it's serene and put together. Have a good week!

  9. Oh my goodness! Just caught up n the good news! Selling your home so soon after listing it is a testament to your good taste. Loving the changes in the bathroom :)