Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spending Freeze

I put myself on a spending freeze. I'm not really a big spender to begin with (maybe my husband would disagree) - I maybe buy myself new clothes and a pair of new shoes a few times a year but nothing crazy. And as far as for the home, I'll buy small things here and there that really appeal to me. That's important to buy what you really love. And in our current home we never really had a ton of space for more furniture so we just used what we had for the most part and never really bought much more.

I've been waiting to move to a new house, a bigger house, in order to really start purchasing bigger items that we'll have for a while. And to be honest, I certainly have certain items on my wish list (a new sofa, new chairs, a coffee table) but I want to wait to see where our next home is going to be and what it's going to look like and how we're going to live in it to really start thinking about a plan.

So while I really want a new sofa, I'm waiting very patiently to see where that next house is going to be and what our floor plan is going to look like. Sheila is also going to need a bed, so we'll have to get that going as soon as we move as well (because the new baby will use her crib eventually). And I'll also be shopping consignment stores, yard sales, and hopefully check out an auction or two to find some good bargains on old, well-made furniture. And, oh yeah, we're going to have a new baby ;)

I figured it was a good idea to start brainstorming shapes and styles that I like, so here are a few things that I have been admiring...and I couldn't leave out a few fabrics that I've saved as "favorites" to maybe use at some point.

Carlisle sofa has always been a favorite of mine from Pottery Barn. It's got a nice English roll arm and I like this style with the tight back, but it can also be slip-covered which I'm going to consider too.

I really like the shape of this chair from West Elm.

You can't beat the value of this IKEA Ektorp sofa with chaise. Ever since we cleared out the basement, we've been spending more time down there playing and on the computer. We always talk about how nice it would be to have a sofa or chairs down there for the adults to relax in while Sheila plays.

This cute side table is a great value from Target and a piece that can be moved all over the house when needed. I know I've seen it in the stores but quantities must be limited as I can't find it online any more.

And a storage ottoman...must have some sort of storage ottoman to store toys and books. Great for entertaining and holidays and great when you need to throw all the toys and books in at the end of the day. (leather ottoman is from Ballard and the striped ottoman is from Safavieh)

And those dreamy fabrics...those are all Robert Allen.  The trim is Kravet.

I still get myself a coffee treat, but the big items will have to wait a while.

We're going to look at a house tomorrow - fingers crossed!!


  1. This is a beautiful board. I really love that Pottery Barn sofa! I think it's so smart to wait until your new house to purchase big items. I go back and forth about what I should by for this house - I'd really love a couple new chairs in our living room - but it seems like every year we're talking about looking for a new house and I just hate to customize too much if we aren't going to stay.

  2. I just picked up some great second hand furniture pieces from our equivalent to Craigs List, and the prices were really reasonable. I love being able to find good used options and wish you luck in your search! Love your board, too! I hope this next house you're viewing is the lucky one that gets to call you its new owners!!

  3. I admire your self discipline. You're going to have such a good time once you're in your new home, it will be worth the sacrifice when you get what you really want. Love the shape of that chair!(I'm blogging again, hope you'll visit if you get a chance.)

  4. Such great items for your wish list. Love the fabrics and the Ikea sofa looks so comfy!! Can't wait to hear about the house you're viewing later...

  5. What a beautiful board you've put together for yourself! I love that Carlisle sofa--I may have to add that to my future furniture wish list. And as always, the fabrics are gorgeous. Wishing you good luck with the house today!


  6. You've chosen such beautiful classic pieces Holly, but you're so smart to wait till after you're moved in. I was a realtor for years, and can't tell you how many clients passed up great homes because a piece of furniture didn't fit. Fingers crossed! :)

  7. You are so smart to wait until you move into your new home before you buy. I still haven't bit the bullet on any 'nice' furniture yet and I think I'm holding out until the kids are a bit older. Now, that I have E (my youngest) the home is constantly a wreck and spills are a daily occurrence. I'm happy we have our 'old' stuff so the I don't have to worry about the kids mucking it up. A storage ottoman is so smart esp. with kids!

  8. You have great classic and fresh taste! I think we are all watching our pennies and want value.