Friday, May 10, 2013

Love Seat Fabric

Before I devote myself to packing up the rest of the house for the weekend, I thought I'd stop in for one last post.

The love seat is getting picked up on Monday for a makeover. The talented team over at Chairloom is going to be working their magic. If you follow Chairloom on Facebook you can get some sneak peeks of their projects including my client's accent chair I had posted about the other day.

Here are my final three fabrics that I chose from:

The fabric at the top is what I hope to use for window treatments eventually, and then you'll just have to wait to see which of the three options I've chosen. Any guesses? 

And now back to this for the weekend...but first, coffee :)

I'll catch up with everyone soon - enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Second Hand Finds

Well at least when I don't post for a while I have a lot to update everyone on :)  We've been busy packing as much as we can. Starting to feel a little boxed in (literally) but feeling good about the progress we've made on the big move.  We settle on our current house 5/14 and then we settle on the new house 6/4, so we're going to be living with my brother and his family for 3 weeks (God bless them and so thankful that it's only 3 weeks for us and for them).

I've got lots of second hand finds to show you today that I'm pretty excited about.

But first, remember this client with these great chairs? They got shipped off to the upholsterer yesterday so things are progressing. Sometimes projects can take much longer than expected with client schedules, budgets, etc a lot of times projects happen in pieces. I'm excited to see these chairs revived with some new fabric.

This accent chair will be getting a fun animal printed fabric, and the larger club chair (not shown) is going to be reupholstered in a beautiful glazed linen. Will be sure to post some updates when they are finished.

And do you remember my love seat that I picked up recently? I've been trying to figure out what fabric I want to use on it, and I'm still waiting for a few memos to arrive to make a decision. Maybe I'll round up my picks so you can see where I'm headed with it.

The story behind this piece...I've been doing a LOT of searching on Craig's List for furniture for the new house. Sheila's going to need a few pieces for her room. I was looking for accent pieces that I knew would work well in other rooms. I came across a posting about a month ago on Craig's List and the furniture looked so familiar. It ended up being furniture from the first house we had bid on and ended up losing. How crazy is that? The owner is down-sizing and was selling a few pieces of their furniture. I remember touring their house and thinking what great pieces they had, so I knew I had to snatch this one up. My husband even commented that this piece could survive a war - it's really solid and really well-made so I'm pumped. The owner and I have had a few conversations and it's been nice to connect even though we didn't end up with their house. So that's the quick story on the love seat - small world huh?

Speaking of Craig's List...we're going to pick-up this head board tonight for Sheila's room. I really wanted to find a Jenny Lind style bed or head board, and I found a posting a few days ago, emailed the seller and Steve is heading out tonight to pick it up.  AND, $10.00!  HOLLA!

I talked to the seller yesterday and it was her daughter's head board who is now 33. I love to find unique items with a story.  

And just yesterday I stopped into my favorite local consignment shop, Phantastic Phinds, which I know I've mentioned a lot on the blog, to find this little trinket. I thought he'd be perfect for the baby's room. I think it's supposed to be a bottle opener (?) but I'm going to hang it on the wall.

And I passed up this painting but I keep thinking it would be perfect and so pretty in Sheila's new room. I would probably change up or fix the frame a bit but the colors are so pretty.

Mmmm....I might go back for it.

I'm sure I'll be back again soon with more updates. I've got a new client to update you on as well but I'll save that for a future post.